Conference Schedule (Saturday, October 25, 2008)

8:00-9:00            Breakfast and check-in

9:00-9:45            Greg Duckworth & Art Baggeroer
Opening remarks

9:45-10:30            Harry Van Trees
In the Beginning

10:30-11:00            Break

11:00-11:30         Alan Oppenheim
Sampling sampling

11:30-12:00         Raj Rao Nadakuditi
The finite sample induced breakdown of detection theory in large systems

12:00-12:30            John Schuster
A current view of the future of anti-submarine warfare

12:30-1:30            Lunch

1:30-2:00            Harry Cox
Gedanken Experiments in Ocean Acoustics and the Meanings of Coherence

2:00-2:30            José Moura
Distributed inference in sensor networks by stochastic approximation

2:30-3:00            Jim Preisig
Underwater Acoustic Communications at the Intersection of Physical Oceanography, Acoustics, and Signal Processing

3:00-3:30         Bill Kuperman
Global Scale Acoustic Communications Using Time Reversal

3:30-3:45            Break

3:45-4:15            Christ Richmond
Statistical analysis of the Capon-Bartlett spectral cross-coherence estimate

4:15-4:55            Bob Zarnich
Thoughts on Necessary Conditions for National Security System Innovation: A View from the APB/ARCI Trenches

4:45-5:15            Ira Dyer
The nature of detection theory

5:15-6:00            Break

6:00-7:00            Cocktail Reception at the MIT Faculty Club
7:00-9:00            Dinner at the MIT Faculty Club
8:00-9:00            (Roast and Toast)