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Partnership for Air Transportation Noise & Emission Reduction

PARTNER featured in FAA R&D Review

PARTNER is the focus of the Environment and Energy Initiatives section in the FAA’s newly-published 2006 R&D Annual Review. FAA Assistant Administrator for Aviation Policy, Planning, and Environment Dan Elwell is quoted at the top of the section as saying, “We are developing methodologies and tools to better target and mitigate the effect of aircraft noise and aviation admissions.” The lead to the section describes PARTNER's purpose, composition, and philosophy. Following that are 11 pages reviewing the PARTNER research projects, with titles such as “Developing Analytical Tools for Effective, Comprehensive Noise and Emissions Mitigation,” “Remodeling the Emissions Dispersion Modeling System,” “Describing APMT Modules,” “Demonstrating AEDT.”

The 2006 report, as well as past reports dating to 2002, are available from the FAA for download.

The FAA's 2006 R&D Annual Review, which includes 11 pages of PARTNER activities, may be downloaded from the FAA Web site.

2006 FFA report


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