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2010 Hartman Student Paper Competition winners announced

MARCH 2010: Three graduate students representing Georgia Tech and the University of North Carolina are the winners in the Partnership for AiR Transportation Noise and Emissions Reduction's 2010 Joseph A. Hartman Student Paper Competition.

The first place award of $3,400 went to Matthew Woody of UNC for his paper “The Impacts of Aviation Emissions on Current and Future Particulate Matter: The Effects of the Speciated Model Attainment Test on the Community Multiscale Air Quality Model Results.” He is a second year master's candidate.

UNC Master's candidate Jeffrey Rissman received the second place prize of $2,800. His paper is "Evaluating the Impact of the U.S. EPA’s Proposed Revisions to the SO2, NO2, and O3 Primary Standards on the U.S. Aviation Sector."

Both Woody and Rissman are advised by Dr. Saravanan Arunachalam.

The third place prize of $2,000 went to PhD candidate Keith Becker of Georgia Tech for his paper. "Rapid Generation of Fleet-level Environmental Metrics for the 300-Passenger Seat Class." His advisors are Dr. Michelle Kirby and Dr. Dimitri Mavris.

2010 Hartman Competition winners (from left) Matthew Woody, Jeffrey Rissman, and Keith Becker are congratulated by PARTNER director Ian Waitz.

Matthew WoodyJeffrey RissmanKeith Becker

The three students received their awards at the March 2010 PARTNER advisory board meeting at UNC.

The papers were judged by a committee consisting of Steven Baughcum and Mahendra Joshi of Boeing, Mohan Gupta of the FAA, Karen Marais of Purdue, Rick Miake-Lye of Aerodyne Research, Ken Plotkin of Wyle Labs, and Terry Thompson of Metron Aviation.

To download the winning papers:

The 2011 Competition will be announced later this year.

The competition captures the best technical solutions, economic and policy analyses, methodologies, and processes that work towards reducing aviation noise and emissions exposure through source reduction technologies, alternative fuels, operating procedures, compatible land use management, and policy implementation. A panel of experts from academia, industry, government, and aviation environmental community organizations judge the contest.

The PARTNER Student Paper Competition is named in memory of Professor Joseph A. Hartman of Boise State University, a founding PARTNER member and lead investigator, who passed away in 2004.

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