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Partnership for Air Transportation Noise & Emission Reduction
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2006 PARTNER News

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Initiative to study alternative fuels for commercial aviation

NOVEMBER 9, 2006 — In the face of rising fuel prices, supply instability, and challenges to make aircraft emissions more environmentally friendly, an initiative was launched last month in Atlanta to examine alternative fuels for commercial aviation. The initiative will study such fuels as methanol, ethanol, and hydrogen; and alternative sources for traditional aviation fuel, including coal-to-liquid, gas-to-liquid, and biomass-to-liquid processes. Read story

MIT, Cambridge U. unveil silent aircraft concept

NOVEMBER 6, 2006 — MIT and Cambridge University researchers have unveiled the conceptual design for a silent, environmentally friendly passengeraircraft. Read story

Clarke cited for CDA paper

OCTOBER 2006 — The Airline Group of the International Federation of Operational Research Societies presented PARTNER Project 4 and 5 lead investigator John-Paul Clarke with its "Best Innovation" in Airline Operations Research award for his presentation at the organization’s annual symposium in Rome. Clarke’s paper was titled "Continuous Descent Arrivals: Flight Procedures that Reduce Fuel Burn.” Read story

PARTNER-ECATS agreement cements international ties

SEPTEMBER 2006 — In a major step forward in its commitment to align U.S. and international aviation-related environmental research, PARTNER has signed an agreement with Europe’s Environmentally Compatible Air Transport System that will enhance collaboration between PARTNER and key European research establishments. Read story

JPDO, PARTNER release aviation climate workshop report
SEPTEMBER 2006: In response to issues relating to uncertainties in current understanding of the magnitude of aviation-related climate impact, the “Workshop on the Impacts of Aviation on Climate Change,” was June 7-9, 2006 in Boston. JPDO and PARTNER have now released both a full report and executive summary of the Workshop findings and recommendations. Read story

EDITORIAL: Reaching out to Europe

AUGUST 2006: Read editorial

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