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Using Africa's Expertise to Shape the Future

ATF Consulting is a research and consulting organization which specializes in advising and providing marketing and technology research to projects and businesses in Africa involved in key technology areas. ATF Consulting uses a multi-disciplinary team of experts in relevant fields to guide clients for the long term.


ATF Consulting is a private research organization providing services and training in Agribusiness, Energy, Industry, Telecommunications, and Transportation. Using a global network of African experts, ATF Consulting investigates market opportunities for clients and advises entrepreneurs on the best technologies to use, based on available resources.

ATF Consulting serves long term development needs because it is able to follow up and guide clients through all stages of their growth. ATF Consultants are selected from a pool of experts who not only combine high quality education with a familiarity of the African socio-economic condition, but also have practical experience in their chosen fields.

ATF Consulting identifies individuals whose background and experience enable them to take a broad, multi-disciplinary approach to solving problems. Research is conducted using a team approach, with various members providing input on vital aspects of a client's project.

The African Technology Forum

ATF Consulting is established as a research and consultancy organization based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It is an affiliate of the African Technology Forum, Inc. (ATF), a US-based non-profit organization at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

ATF has established itself globally as an authority on issues related to science and technology development in Africa. Since 1988 it has published the African Technology Forum, an international magazine on technology in Africa with over 15,000 readers in 85 countries.

ATF Consulting shares the goals of its parent organization in promoting the use of science and technology for economic development in Africa, with particular emphasis on methods that are practical, economically viable, and environmentally benign.

Areas of Specialization

ATF Consulting is focused on developing Africa's technology capacity. There is an urgent need to train and maintain high-quality personnel to manage Africa's technology growth.

ATF Consulting is focused on five key technology areas outlined below. Consultants are selected to provide solutions to clients by matching client needs with the consultants' background and expertise.

Information Systems and Telecommunications:





Consultant Functions

ATF Consulting functions with an essential core staff, drawing upon its global network of consultants for specific projects. This reduces administrative costs and eliminates the need for maintaining a permanent multi-disciplinary staff.

Consultants perform the data collection and analysis for clients of ATF Consulting. Consultants are experts in the core activity fields of ATF Consulting: agribusiness, industrial technology, energy, transportation, and the telecommunications. Each project begins with an assessment of all the expertise required for its successful completion. A team of consultants with the relevant expertise is then assembled to begin working with the client.

Potential Clients of ATF Consulting

The following is a partial list of potential clients targeted for services provided by ATF Consulting:

Listing of ATF technical services

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