Agriculture And Production
Volume 6 No. 1


Editor's Notes

African Tech Notes

Safer Handling of Pesticides
A Technical School in the Age of Appropriate Technology
Pasteurization _ A Microbiologist's Perspective
Cassava Breakthrough in Nigeria

FEATURES - Agriculture & Production

Energy, Food Preparation, and Health Care in Africa:
Daniel Kammen & Bamidele Kammen

Traditional food preservation: an Overview
Esi Colecraft

Food Processing: A Vital Link in African Development?
Embola Ernest Ndi

The Food Production Crisis in Sub-Saharan Africa
Francis Njie

African women and Agricultural Technologies
Zach Olorunnipa

Germplasm Collection of Macabo Cocoyams in Cameroun
Oghenekome Onokpise

Nucleus Breeding in Livestock
R. Ruvuna & J. Taylor

Life Technologies

Family planning in Nigeria
Grace Esimai

Information Systems

Microsoft Windows 3.1: Much ado about what?
Karanja Gakio

Book Reviews

A New Look at Industrial Productivity

Harmonizing Technology and Cultural Reason

Reader Questionnaire

ATF News Update

Conference Calendar

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