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Current Students

        Topic: Sustainable Energy Planning
        Project: MIT-Portugal Program - Sustainable Energy Systems

  • Kathy DONNELLY (ESD)
        Topic: Transition to a Low-Carbon Society
        Project: MIT-Portugal Progam - Sustainable Energy Systems

  • Ibrahim KANAN (ME-Undergrad)
        Topic: Electricity Demand Response in the European Union
        Project: MIT-Portugal Progam - Sustainable Energy Systems

  • Paulina PONCE DE LEON Barido (TPP)
        Topic: Sustainable Energy Planning
        Project: MIT-Portugal Program - Sustainable Energy Systems

  • Tarek RACHED (TPP)
        Topic: High Resolution Data Systems for Sustainable Energy Analysis
        Project: MIT-Portugal Program - Sustainable Energy Systems

  • Betsy RICKER (ME-Building Technology)
        Topic: Efficient Evolution in the Scandinavian Building Stock
        Project: TRANSES

  • Faaiza RASHID (TPP)
        Topic: Sustainable Energy Planning
        Project: MIT-Portugal Program - Sustainable Energy Systems

  • Sittha SUKKASI (ME)
        Topic: PEMS Web
        Project: CADLAB-PEMS Web

  • Hsin Min WONG (TPP)
        Topic: Alternative Fuels for Civil Aviation
        Project: PARTNER (Aero/Astro)

Affiliated Faculty and Staff

  • Prof. Leon GLICKSMAN
        (MIT Building Technology: RICKER-TRANSES)
  • Prof. Anne Grete HESTNES
        (NTNU Architecture—Norway: SARTORI-TRANSES)
  • Prof. David MARKS
        (MIT-LFEE: DONNELLY-Energy Security)
  • Prof. Les NORFORD
        (MIT Building Technology: RICKER-TRANSES)
  • Prof. Bill NUTTALL
        (Cambridge University—England: DONNELLY-Energy Security)
  • Prof. Ian WAITZ
        (MIT Aero-Astro: WONG-PARTNER)
  • Prof. David WALLACE
        (MIT Mechanical Engineering: SUKKASI-PEMSWeb)

AGREA Alumni

    » By Year

1989   Carl BESPOLKA
1995   Scott WRIGHT 2003   Arnob BHATTACHARYYA

1990   Clint ANDREWS
1996   Mark ELLIS
2004   Mike ADAMS

1991   Warren SCHENLER 1997   Karina FUNK 2005   Chia-Chin CHENG

1993   Geoff PARKER 1999   Chris RUSSO 2006   Michael BERLINSKI

1994   Judy CARDELL
2001   Jennifer BARKER-Drake 2007   Kathy DONNELLY
Susumo GOTO

    » By Name

  • Mike ADAMS (2004, TPP-SM)
        Data management in energy and environment systems: A Case Study of
           a case study of Web services in the E.P.A.'s Clean Air Markets Division

               (J.Williams, S.Connors)
        Last Known Wherabouts:
    Constellation Energy, Baltimore MD

  • Clint ANDREWS (1990, DUSP-PhD)
        Improving the analytics of open planning processes: scenario-based
           multiple attribute tradeoff analysis for regional electric power planning

        Last Known Wherabouts:
    Rutgers University, Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy, NJ

  • Jennifer BARKER-Drake (2001, DUSP/Sloan-SM)
        Planning for economically and environmentally sound electricity
           in Shandong Province, China

               (V.Norberg-Bohm, S.Connors)
        Last Known Wherabouts:
    Analysis Group, Denver

  • Michael BERLINSKI (2006, TPP)
        Quantifying Emissions Reductions from New England
           Offshore Wind Energy Resources

        Last Known Wherabouts:
    General Electric, Conn.

  • Carl BESPOLKA (1989, Sloan-SM)
        A framework for multiple attribute evaluation
           in electric utility planning

               (D.White, R.Tabors)
        Last Known Wherabouts:
    PA Consulting

  • Arnob BHATTACHARYYA (2003, EECS-MEng)
        An analytic structure for sustainable energy
           in competitive electricity markets

        Last Known Wherabouts:
    UBS Warburg, Conn.

  • Audun BOTTERUD (2003, NTNU-PhD)
        Long-Term Planning in Restructured Power Systems
           Dynamic Modelling of Investments in New Power Generation under Uncertainty

               (I.Wangensteen, M.Ilic)
        Last Known Wherabouts:
    Argonne National Laboratory (Postdoc)

  • Judy CARDELL (1994, TPP-SM)
        Renewable energy technologies: analysis and policy tools
           for utility integration

        Last Known Wherabouts:
    Smith College, Northamption, MA

  • Chia-Chin CHENG (2005, ESD-PhD)
        Electricity demand-side management for an energy efficient future in China:
           technology options and policy priorities

        Last Known Wherabouts:
    United Nations Environmental Programme, Risø Denmark (Postdoc)

  • Steve CONNORS (1989, TPP-SM)
        Integrated resource planning as a tool for technical meditation:
           a case study in electric power planning

               (R.Tabors, D.White)
        Last Known Wherabouts:
    Still in E40

  • Kathy DONNELLY (2007, TPP-SM)
        All Fired-Up about Coal: Policy Recommendations for the
           2030 United Kingdom Energy Strategy

               (D.Marks, S.Connors)
        Last Known Wherabouts:
    ESD Doctoral Student

  • Mark ELLIS (1996, TPP-SM)
        Portfolio analysis of Japans "best mix" electricity generation
           resource diversification policy

        Last Known Wherabouts:
    Sempra Global Energy, San Diego

  • Lisa ENGBLOM (2006, ME-SM)
        Scenario Analysis of Retrofit Strategies for Reducing
           Energy Consumption in Norwegian Office Buildings

               (L.Glicksman, L.Norford, S.Connors)
        Last Known Wherabouts:

  • Wen FENG (2007, TPP-SM)
        Driving Segments Analysis for Energy and Environmental Impacts
           of Worsening Traffic (TPP Best Thesis Award)

               (S.Connors, J.Hansen, K.Emanual)
        Last Known Wherabouts:
    ESD Doctoral Student

  • Ricardo FORCANA (2003, TPP-SM)
        Removal of barriers to the use of renewable energy sources
           for rural electrification in Chile

        Last Known Wherabouts:
    Somewhere in Spain

  • Karina FUNK (1997, TPP-SM)
        Information networking as an instrument of sustainable development:
           the photovoltaic example

               (N.Choucri, S.Connors)
        Last Known Wherabouts:
    Venture Captial Firm - Boston Area

  • Kaare GETHER (2004, NTNU-PhD)
        Transition to Large Scale Use of Hydrogen and Sustainable Energy Services
               (G.Owren, A.Bredensen)
        Last Known Wherabouts:

  • Jeff GOLDMAN (1994, TPP-SM)
        Time and place specific policies for controlling ozone precursor
           nitrogen oxides in New England's electric power sector

        Last Known Wherabouts:
    Teacher, Washington DC

  • Susumu GOTO (2007, TPP-SM)
        Weather Forecasting: The Next Generation
           The Potential Use and Implementation of Ensemble Forecasting

               (S.Connors, J. Hansen, K.Emanuel)
        Last Known Wherabouts:
    Institutue of Meterology, Japan

  • Dan GREENBERG (1990, EECS-SM)
        Potential for reduction of acid rain emissions from New England's
           electric power system: an analysis of selected strategies

        Last Known Wherabouts:
    E Source, Boulder, CO

  • Chris HANSEN (2003, TPP-SM)
        Evaluation of renewable and advanced electricity generation alternatives
           for Shandong Province, China

               (R.Tabors, S.Connors)
        Last Known Wherabouts:
    Cambridge Energy Research Associates (CERA), Cambridge, MA

  • Omid KASSIRI (2003, TPP-SM)
        Options for sustainable energy generation in the developing world:
           financing mechanisms, technologies and policies

               (S.Connors, D.Marks)
        Last Known Wherabouts:
    Somewhere in Africa

  • Nick MABEY (1993, TPP-SM)
        Institutional aspects of spot price coordinated electric power systems
        Last Known Wherabouts:
    E3G, London (formerly of Prime Minister Blair's Strategy Unit)

  • David MILLER (2007, TMP-PhD)
        New Venture Commercialization of Clean Energy Technologies
               (J.Sterman, R.Tabors, S.Connors, J.Kirtley, D. Marks)
        Last Known Wherabouts:
    Venture Capital Firm - Boston Area

  • Erin O'NEILL (1996, TPP-SM)
        Cost effective strategies for nitrogen oxides reduction:
           ozone attainment policy for New England

        Last Known Wherabouts:
    Navigant Consulting, Waltham, MA

  • Geoff PARKER (1993, TPP-SM)
        A financial, environmental, and policy analysis of new capacity additions
           to the New England electric utility sector

        Last Known Wherabouts:
    Tulane University, A. B. Freeman School of Business, New Orleans, LA

  • Chris RUSSO (1999, TPP-SM)
        A multi-attribute analysis of electrical system expansion options for China
        Last Known Wherabouts:
    CRAI, Boston MA

  • Warren SCHENLER (1991, EECS-SM)
        Robustness under uncertainty—a normative reduction of multi-future,
           multi-attribute tradeoffs in electric utility planning

               (D.White, R.Tabors)
        Last Known Wherabouts:
    Paul Scherrer Institut, Switzerland

  • Mort WEBSTER (1996, TPP-SM)
        Analysis of uncertainty in large models with application to climate policy
               (H.Jacoby, G.McRae)
        Last Known Wherabouts:
    Joint Program for the Science and Policy of Global Change, MIT

  • Scott WRIGHT (1995, TPP-SM)
        Electric vehicles as an ozone reduction strategy for New England
        Last Known Wherabouts:
    ProLiance Energy

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