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Welcome to the AGREA web site. AGREA is a small research group within the LFEE which does scenario-based multi-attribute tradeoff analysis, to help local and regional stakeholders identify robust portfolios of energy technology and policy options, with which to evolve their regional energy infrastructures in a reasonable way. In recent year, many of these so-called "pathways" projects have been international collaborations under the auspices of the Alliance for Global Sustainability.

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Current Activities

  • Alliance for Global Sustainability - "Near-Term Pathways to
        a Sustainable Energy Future
  • Portugal-MIT Program Sustainable Energy Systems Focus Area
  • Cambridge-MIT Institute Centre for Energy Security
  • TRANSES - Transition to Sustainable Energy Services
        in Northern Europe
  • Offshore Wind Collaborative - Pilot Research Project
        Economic and Environmental Performance of Offshore Wind in the Northeast

Beyond "Silver Bullets"

Formed in 1987, AGREA conducts scenario analysis on regional energy infrastructures, responding to the needs, concerns, and interests of local stakeholders.

In recent years, AGREA researchers have lent their talents to projects focused identifying robust strategies aimed at reducing pollutant emissions in Mexico City; modernizing the Chinese power sector (CETP); helping Scandinavia identify pathways to a sustainable energy future (TRANSES); and helping decision-makers understand the dynamics of solar (EPA) and offshore windpower (OWC).

AGREA's approach to integrated infrastucture scenario analysis, in support of regional stakeholder dialogues is a central part of the Alliance for Global Sustainability's " Near-Term Pathways to a Sustainable Energy Future " research program.

"Pathways" research projects are of great interest to MIT, the LFEE and the AGS. These research projects are important to understand which technologies, including their duty-cycles and portfolio contributions may achieve the most "substaintial and sustained" reduction in environmental impacts. Understanding at this level is essential if real progress towards sustainable energy is to be made.

  Stephen CONNORS
  Director, AGREA  


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