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The Center for Advanced Hindsight

"Research Into What Might Have Been"

Mission Statement:

The goal of the center and its members is to be able to have great insights (in hindsight) about a large and diverse set of research projects. Obviously this involvement is restricted to work done by other researchers and work done by individual members of the center is off-limits. The Center for Advanced Hindsight is a non-discriminating institution, examining published as well as unpublished work, and work of researchers of all ranks.

Over the years member of centers have examined a wide areas of research including prospect theory (both the probability weighing function as well as the value function), cognitive dissonance, heuristic and biases, the hot hand effect, the Samuelson's paradox, the effects of emotions on decision-making etc.

"The Center" was founded on November 3rd 1996 in Chicago, Illinois during the Judgment and Decision making conference (JDM). We were inspired to initiate the center by the simple, yet painful, fact that everyone around us was affiliated with some wonderful sounding institution and we felt left out. People around us were talking about CMR, SRI, DR, SDS, NSF, and over a nice Chicago pizza, we decided to start a center that would capture what we do best. And this is how The Center for Advanced Hindsight ("the center") came into being.

From the first moment it was obvious that “the center” had to be focused on the ability of its initiating members and our research potential. In retrospect, the choice was obvious -- Hindsight.

Sample of projects funded by the center:

We are currently engaged in many projects. Each member of the center leads the team on projects that are appropriate for his / her interests. The center continuously seeks to expand the horizons of inquiry in looking backward into the obvious.

- Regret & Counterfactuals

- The effects of anchoring

- Time & Money

- Family Values. What is the value of family

- Sleep deprivation and its impact on work (see family values).

- Why do people watch TV?

- What are the effects of beer and good wine on creativity

- Why do we need the center? And where have we been? Past directions

Current members of the center:

The center actively seeks to recruit new members with the right set of skills to the mission of the center. The center routinely sends his members to academic conferences such as JDM, ACR, BRM, and the Choice Symposium to look for candidates with high potential. There is no application process for the center and qualified applicants are notified immediately after they have demonstrated the skills needed to become a member of the center. At this point they are given the secret handshake and become a full fledge member.

The founding members of the center are: Gal Zauberman, Ken Rona, Steve Hoeffler, and Dan Ariely. The first, and so far only, member of the center that was admitted by the rigorous admission process is Jonathan Levav. The member of the Center are available for consulting and parties.