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(Or What Was I Thinking?)

In case you're wondering what drew us, the first year class to MIT in the first place, we'd like to give you a little glimpse into our minds (a frightening prospect indeed). Keep in mind that some of these comments bear a little hindsight, but it should all be at least interesting information.

"What really drew me to MIT was the overwhelming feeling that I got at the prospective student weekend that everyone really wants you succeed here. I was amazed at how open the faculty were, how supportive they seemed, and how the most imprortant thing seemed to be us...This was the only place I came to where they really seemed to care about teaching above and beyond anything else,"
-Nicola Rinaldi.

"All the divisions of Biology were encompassed, so exposure to many different fields was possible. Here, we're not restricted to just Cell Bio or Immunology, etc., "
-Eunice Lee.

"I felt that the students at MIT were obviously happy and well taken care of...another thing that impressed me was the participation of the faculty in recruiting activities. I noticed that there were many faculty at all the social gatherings, and that they were friendly and eager to speak with us about our decision and to answer our questions. Also, I was really attracted to the format of the program because I think it is a great idea to have only classes for an entire semester and to save rotations for the second semester. It would have been very difficult to jump right into rotations when we first got here, because there was definitely a necessary adjustment period. I admit that I was very concerned about only having one month long rotations, but after having almost finished one, I think I have gotten a good sense of what the lab I am currently in is like and that since I knew I only had one month, I made really good use of my time,"
-Anupama Seshan.

"Caltech and MIT each had three people I would consider working for. One moved from Caltech to MIT. The score was suddenly 4-2, MIT in the lead. The other option was Harvard Med where if I took all the virtues of all the professors I could probably come up with one person I would consider working for,"
-Xu Godzina.

"No big reasons. I liked the program and the way it was set up. Classes and rotations in the first year and then joining lab after that. Lots of interesting labs. Great research. Massachusetts," -
Vladi Voynov.

"Because people here get excited about the work that they do and yet don't take themselves too seriously,"
-Nelson Lau.

"I chose to come to MIT because the faculty were very supportive and the students were extremely happy. This was probably the only school that did not make a single negative comment about my other options for grad school. MIT let heir work speak for itself and their main concern seemed to be making us happy,"
-Rico Montana.

"I kept going on interviews and waiting for a grad school to just click with me. MIT was that school. The academics are world class, the students are happy and friendly, the department does everything in its power to make the students happy, and the faculty are intricately involved in educating the students. So far, I've experienced all of this first hand, and I know that I made the right choice,"
-Julie Claycomb.

"Coming from California, I was hesitant to move East because of both the distance and the difference in climate. In spite of this I decided to come to MIT because I felt that its personality was a good match for me. The department had enough breadth to encompass the areas of science I thought were important but was still small enough to feel intimate. I've been very happy with my decision and with the aid of a recently-purchased winter coat I have managed to make it through half of a New England winter,"
- Aaron Aslanian.

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