Glenn Laboratory for the Science of Aging


Principal Investigator

Leonard Guarente, Ph.D.
Keeps laboratory running by walking around and asking?  “So what are the new discoveries you have made today?” E-mail


Olga Vieira
Heart of the lab. Always running. E-mail

Post-Doctoral Researchers

Mohan Viswanathan, Ph.D.
Studies the role of sirtuins in C.elegans metabolism. E-mail
Angeliki Chalkiadaki, Ph.D.
Studies the role of SirT1 in adipose tissue. E-mail
Eric Bell, Ph.D.
Studies the role of SirT3 in cancer. E-mail
Michael S. Bonkowski, Ph.D.
Studies the role of SirT1 in endocrine signaling. E-mail
Hung-Chun Chang, Ph.D.
Studies the impact of SirT1 on circadian rhythm. E-mail
Zara Herskovits, Ph.D.
Studies the impact of metabolism on amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). E-mail
Eric Williams, Ph.D.
Studies the role of SIRT1 in the biology of embryonic stem cells. E-mail
Abhirup Das, Ph.D.
Studies molecular dynamics of sirtuin enzymes. E-mail
Masaki Igarashi, Ph.D.
Studies the role of SIRT1 in the development of pancreas. E-mail
Christin Glorioso, Ph.D.
Uses computational biology approaches to study brain aging. E-mail
Caitlin Ondracek, Ph.D.
Studies the role of sirtuins in imprinting and behavior. E-mail

Research Assistants

Melissa Topolszki
Helps with mouse husbandry.
Arthur Topolszki
Helps with mouse husbandry.
Alexandra L Ghaben
Carlos Andres Castellanos
Dana Braff
Conducts behavioral assays
Jaime M Reyes
Jamie J Kang
Rachelle A Lim
Robin W Yeo
Sherry Fu
Jenny H Van
Yoonjeong Cha
Jennifer Fong


Sergiy Libert, Ph.D.
Faculty at Cornell University
Gizem Donmez
Faculty at TUFTS.
Allyson Evans-Vaughn
Editor in Cell Press
Takashi Nakagawa
Kayvan Zainabadi
Danica Chen
Faculty at UC Berkeley.
Ala Berdichevsky
Gil Blander
Founder of Genstruct
Laura Bordone
Xiaoling Li
Faculty at NIH
Marcia Haigis
Faculty at Harvard
Namjin Chung
David Sinclair
Faculty at Harvard.
Brian Kennedy
CEO and Professor of Buck Institute
Nick Austriaco
Matt Kaeberlein
Associate Professor at University of Washingotn
Mitch Mcvey
Assistant Professor at Tufts
Pierre Defossez
Kevin Mills
Associate Professor at Jackson Lab
Chris Armstrong
(Wash U)
David Lombard
Assistant Professor of Pathology at UM
Heidi Tissenbaum
Faculty at Umass med
Shin Imai
Faculty ay Washingotn University
Su-Ju Lin
Associate Professor at UC Davis
Fred Picard
Brad Johnson
Bob Marciniak
Associate Professor at UTSA


Administrative Assistant
Department of Biology MIT
77 Massachusetts Avenue, 68-280
Cambridge, MA 02139 USA
617-258-7360 Phone
617-452-4130 Fax