Our research is in applied mathematics and control theory and its application to manufacturing systems where the control of events at the molecular scale is key to product quality.

Some specific applications include:


  • Lifang Zhou and Xiaoxiang Zhu graduate with Ph.D. degrees
  • Richard D. Braatz will receive the AIChE Computing in Chemical Engineering Award and deliver the CAST Banquet Talk on November 18 at the AIChE Annual Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia
  • Mo Jiang receives 1st Prize for the American Chemical Society’s Graduate Student Symposium Award (I&EC Division)
  • Mo Jiang selected as a Baxter Young Investigator
  • Mo Jiang receives the AIChE Process Development Division Student Paper Award for 2014
  • Paper published on mathematical modeling and model-based design of intravascular delivery from drug-eluting stents
  • Paper published on the design of a dual-purpose polymer-based conformal coating that provides controlled release of an antibiotic followed by active growth factor for orthopedic implant applications
  • Ph.D. student Mo Jiang received the 2013 AAPS (the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists) Graduate Student Symposium Award in Manufacturing Science & Engineering, for his development of design criteria that enable researchers to quickly identify pharmaceutical/solvent combinations that can nucleate crystals within dual-impinging-jet mixers, based on physicochemical properties
  • Prof. Braatz is delivering the opening Plenary Talk at the International Symposium on Dynamics and Control of Process Systems (December 2013)
  • Prof. Braatz is the recipient of the 2013 AIChE PD2M Award for Outstanding Contribution to QbD for Drug Substance
  • PhD graduate Kwang Ki Kim is one of four finalists for the 2013 CDC Best Student Paper Award for the paper "A Characterization of Solutions for General Copositive Quadratic Lyapunov Inequalities" to be presented on December 11 at the IEEE Conference on Decision and Control in Florence, Italy
  • MIT team receives $10.4 million biomanufacturing grant from DARPA
  • Prof. Braatz is delivering the Keynote Address at the 5th International Conference on Population Balance Modelling (September 2013)
  • Prof. Braatz is the recipient of the 2013 Excellence in Technical Innovation Award from the International Society of Automation
  • Postdoc Joseph K. Scott joined Clemson University as an Assistant Professor (August 2013)
  • Prof. Braatz selected as a Distinguished Lecturer of the IEEE Control Systems Society in 2013
  • Paper published on control of nano and microchemical systems
  • Former PhD student Kwang Ki Kim joins Georgia Institute of Technology as a postdoc
  • Former PhD student and current postdoc Ashlee Ford Versypt is selected as the 2013 Howes Scholar in Computational Science
  • Former postdoc Brahim Benyahia joins the University of Loughborough as a Lecturer (January 2013)
  • Review published on the mathematical modeling of biodegradable microspheres for applications in drug delivery
  • Prof. Braatz joins Oregon State University's Academy of Distinguished Engineers
  • Former PhD student and postdoc Masako Kishida joins University of Canterbury as a Lecturer in early 2013
  • Former postdoc Zoltan K. Nagy joins Purdue University as a full Professor in Summer 2012
  • Former postdoc Richard Lakerveld joins Delft University of Technology as an Assistant Professor
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