Quiz for April

  1. Where does the Bible say God's grace teaches us to say no to ungodliness?
  2. Where does the Law of Moses say that matters must be established by two or three witnesses?
  3. Where does the Bible say that God's compassions are new every morning?
  4. What verse tells how long Jeremiah preached without Judah listening?
  5. Where does the Law command leaving overlooked grain for the poor?
  6. Where does God tell Moses about a prophet whom people must listen to or be called to account by God himself?
  7. What verse tells God's servants not to quarrel?
  8. Where does God declare that Israel and Judah will go in tears to seek him?
  9. What verses compare a man who trusts God to a tree that never needs to fear drought?
  10. What verses express Jeremiah's grief for Israel's spiritual health?
  11. Where is the first verse in which God commands Joshua to be courageous?
  12. Where does the Bible say that God wants all to be saved?
  13. What verse tells us to watch closely both what we believe and how we live?
  14. Where does God say he will make a prophet into a fortified wall of bronze?
Check your answers against the quiz key.
The Bible in 11 Months
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