Quiz for January

  1. What scripture explains why God sent a flood to destroy the earth?
  2. What scripture lists the sons of Jacob (Israel)?
  3. What scripture uses an example from nature to teach us not to wait for others to motivate us?
  4. What scripture deals with the issue of God's word and man's interpretation?
  5. Where does the Bible say "dust you are and to dust you will return"?
  6. What scripture describes Jacob's ladder?
  7. What scripture tells how Joseph answered Pharoah when asked if he could interpret a dream?
  8. What scripture should you meditate on if you tend to speak before listening and trying to understand others?
  9. A friend says, "I think I remember reading in the Bible that baptism is just a symbol." He has it backwards. What scripture is he thinking of?
  10. What scripture says that a man's pride brings him low?
  11. What scripture explains why God set out to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah?
  12. Which memory scripture tells how fleeting the lives of the wicked are?
  13. Where does the Bible say that Christians are priests?
  14. In what scripture was Abraham's belief credited to him as righteousness?
Check your answers against the quiz key.
The Bible in 11 Months
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