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Cartel 2007 Notes and Links

Tuesday, July 10th


Cartel's Email List 



Cyrus IMAP wiki (for Umich's failover plan for cyrus backend) 

atmail (commercial webmail client used by CMU's school of CS)

citadel (open source webmail client) 



2007 AFS workshop talk

Open AFS Road map

File Drawers for AFS

U Mich's documentation on how to use their File Drawers 

Tracy's (Iowa state) "Serving stuff out of AFS via web" presentation 

Identity Management

remctl (used by Stanford and U Mich) 

Stanford Webauth 

U Mich's Cosign 

Statistics, Reporting, Usage Analysis, Policies 

U Mich's Statistics web tool 

Iowa State's Policy Website 

Iowa State's non-production Password Checker 

Carnege Mellon's computing policy page 

Stanford's (Russ's) password strength checking package 

Wednesday, July 11th


Iowa State's wireless

Iowa State's regional optical network 

Iowa State's Boreas Powerpoint slides 

Iowa State's data charging rates 

Carnegie Mellon's NetReg 

Scope/more info re Carnegie Mellon's NetReg 

U Mich's network general data 


U Mich's Nefu monitoring system 

Stanford uses Munin to generate graphs/gather stats 

Carnegie Mellon's Network statistics

Iowa State uses Hobbit 

Hobbit's sourceforge page 

Stanford's NetDB

Cricket's sourceforge page 


Mon's Wiki 

Desktops and Servers

U Mich's Radmind 

Stanford is using Puppet 

Columbia is using CFEngine 


Public Computing Facilities 

Iowa State's Lab Database 

U Mich's sites website 

Iowa State's Collaborative Spaces 

Thursday, July 12th


U Mich's VOIP


Carnegie Mellon's Eddy Project

Help Desk

Best Practical Request Tracker (RT) 

BMC Remedy


MIT's RT documentation 

MIT's 3-DOWN website (status page)

U Mich's Down status page 

Carnegie Mellon's School of CS Help Page

Iowa State's Down Status Page 

Iowa State's Administrative Desktop Support Costs 

Workgroup Support

Kerberos/GSSAPI Support in Jabber 

Friday, July 13th


Carnegie Pulse (calendar for students)