Brandi M. Cossairt

Brandi was a graduate student in the Cummins group who graduated with her Ph.D. in Spring of 2010. She studied the manipulation of the element phosphorus by niobium complexes. Her studies have demonstrated P4 reductive coupling by niobium enolate complexes, and subsequent synthesis of phosphorus-rich organic molecules.

Moving from enolate to aryloxide supporting ligands, Brandi discovered an efficient cyclo-P3 complex synthesis. The so-obtained anionic niobium cyclo-P3 complex is effective as a P33- transfer agent, leading in turn to the synthesis and isolation of AsP3 as a pure substance.

After her Ph.D. at MIT, Brandi went on to postdoctoral studies of semiconductor clusters in the group of Prof. Jonathan Owen at Columbia University.

Brandi was an undergraduate at Caltech, where she co-authored papers in both physical and inorganic chemistry.

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