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Li Yongping


The Contemporary Chinese Writers Project gratefully acknowledges the Foreign Languages and Literatures Section for its generous funding in support of this site. The project could not have succeeded without the support and encouragement from the Section.

Any website is a product of a team that shepherds the project along from conception through design and development.  The team for the Li Yongping site includes the following individuals:

Site co-directors:

  • Min-Min Liang, Lecturer, MIT Foreign Languages and Literatures Department
  • Jonathan Griffith, MIT-SUTD Collaboration, MIT
  • Emma Teng, T. T. and Wei Fong Chao Professor of Asian Civilization, Associate Professor of Chinese Studies, MIT Foreign Languages and Literatures Department

Also contributing:

  • Charles Bent, SYP Design & Production
  • Maryann Czerepak, MIT Publishing Service Bureau
  • Kathleen Forsythe, Forsythe Design
  • Victor Park, MIT Publishing Service Bureau
  • Jeffery Pearlin, MIT Foreign Languages and Literatures

Gratitude goes to Emma Teng for facilitating the connection with the faculty at National Taiwan University.

Special thanks also go to Professor Chia-ling Mei, Head of the Graduate Institute of Taiwan Literature at National Taiwan University, and Yihang Ma, Ph. D student from Graduate Institute of Taiwan Literature at National Taiwan University, who helped us to gather conference material about Li Yongping, and Professor David Der-wei Wang at Harvard University and Mr. Kamloon Woo to contact Li Yongping.  We also want to thank Professor Yvonne Chang at The University of Texas at Austin, Professor Carlos Rojas at Duke University, and Professor Alison Groppe at University of Oregon, who contributed wonderful written appreciations of the work of Li Yongping.

Finally, the project gratefully acknowledges the research work done by our MIT student, Yingxia Wang, and the support of Li Yongping and Candy Lin who provided vital information and made the interview possible.