Curriculum Vitae


Dr. ChoKyun Rha, Sc.D.

Professor of Biomaterials Science and Engineering
Massachussets Institute of Technology

A Professor of Biomaterials Sciences and Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.), Dr. Rha heads the Biomaterials Science and Engineering Laboratory at the Institute.

Professor Rha's research is aimed at the discovery and engineering of novel biomolecules in a complex systems biology framework and biomaterials for process manufacturing. The focus is on determination of their structure, function and bioactivity. Transcriptional profiling, genomic sequencing and analysis, LC and GC mass spectroscopy, NMR, molecular imaging and micro-rheology are the primary tools for the analysis of the bioactivities of molecules and living systems at the genomic, molecular and cellular level to identify and engineer biosystems to produce valuable natural medicinal and industrial products.

Professor Rha was the founding and principal investigator for the "Malaysia-MIT Biotechnology Partnership Program", a Malaysian national biotechnology program supported by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation that involved collaborative research, development and training between nineteen Malaysian organizations and MIT. Professor Rha has published more than 200 scientific articles and holds over 20 patents. Her research and discoveries have been instrumental in the commercialization and start-up of several biotechnology ventures.

Professor ChoKyun Rha
Biomaterials Science and Engineering Laboratory
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