Recent Publications

  1. Quantitative Empirical Trends in Technical Performance, (Magee, Basnet, Funk and Benson, 2016 PDF
  2. A Simple Extension of Dematerialization Theory: Incorporation of Technical Progress and the Rebound Effect, Magee and Devezas, 2016 PDF
  3. Quantitative Determination of Technological Improvement from Patent Data, Benson and Magee, 2015 PDF
  4. Dependence of Technological Improvement on Artifact Interactions, Basnet and Magee, 2016 PDF
  5. Modeling of Technological Performance Trends using Design Theory, Basnet and Magee, 2015 PDF
  6. Rapid Improvements with no commercial production: How do the improvements occur, Funk and Magee, 2015 PDF
  7. Using Enhanced Patent Data for Future-Oriented Technology Analysis, Benson and Magee, 2014 PDF
  8. Technological structural implications from the extension of a patent search method, Benson and Magee, 2014 PDF
  9. On Improvement Rates for Renewable Energy Technologies: Solar PV, Wind Turbines, Capacitors, and Batteries, C.L. Benson and C.L. Magee, 2014 PDF
  10. Towards a Holistic Approach to the Travel Experience: A Qualitative Study of Bus Transportation, R. Carreira, L. Patricio, R.N. Jorge, C.L. Magee, Q. Van Eikema Hommes, 2013 PDF
  11. A Descriptive Framework of the Design Process from a Dual Cognitive-Engineering Perspective, P.D.B. Carmona Marques, A.J.P.F. Silva, E.M.P. Henriques and C.L. Magee, 2014 PDF
  12. Advancing Design Research: A "Big D" Design Perspective, C.L. Magee, K.L. Wood, D.D. Frey and D. Moreno, 2013 PDF
  13. Development of an Extended Kansei Engineering Method to Incorporate Experience Requirements in Product-Service System Design, R. Carreira, L. Patricio, R.N. Jorge and C.L. Magee, 2013 PDF
  14. A Hybrid Keyword and Patent Class Methodology for Selecting Relevant Sets of Patents for a Technological Field, C.L. Benson and C.L. Magee, 2012 PDF
  15. A Framework for Analyzing the Underlying Inventions that Drive Technical Improvements in a Specific Technological Field, C.L. Benson and C.L. Magee, 2012 PDF
  16. Towards Quantification of the Role of Materials Innovation in Overall Technological Development, C.L. Magee, 2012 PDF
  17. Technologically-Based Design as a Strategy for Sustainable Economic Growth, J. Luo, A.L. Olechowski and C.L. Magee, 2012 PDF
  18. Studying Group Behaviors: A tutorial on text and network analysis methods, D.A. Broniatowski and C.L. Magee, 2012 PDF
  19. Convergence Analysis and Iteration Estimation for a Coupled Design Process With Overlap in Redesign, Z. Wang and C.L. Magee, 2012 PDF
  20. The Architecture of Transaction Networks: A Comparative Analysis of Hierarchy in Two Sectors, J. Luo, C.Y. Baldwin, D.E. Whitney and C.L. Magee, 2012 PDF
  21. Engineering Systems: Meeting Human Needs in a Complex Technological World, O.L. de Weck, D. Roos, and C.L. Magee, MIT Press, 2011.
  22. Beyond R&D: What Design Adds to a Modern Research University, C.L. Magee, P.K. Leong, C. Jin, J. Luo and D.D. Frey, 2011 PDF
  23. How Many Singularities are Near and How Will They Disrupt Human History?, C.L. Magee and T.C. Devezas, 2011 PDF
  24. Detecting Evolving Patterns of Self-Organizing Networks by Flow Hierarchy Measurement, J. Luo and C.L. Magee, 2011 PDF
  25. A New Method for Finding Hierarchical Subgroups from Networks, M-H. Hsieh and C.L. Magee, 2010 PDF
  26. The Progress in Wireless Data Transport and its Role in the Evolving Internet, M.A. Amaya and C.L. Magee, 2008 PDF
  27. Engineering Design and Product Development: A focus of the MIT-Portugal Program, C.L. Magee, J.D. Ringo and A.M. Cunha, 2008 PDF
  28. An Algorithm and Metric for Network Decomposition from Similarity Matrices: Application to Positional Analysis, M.-H. Hsieh, C. Magee, Social Networks, 2007 PDF
  29. Hyperactive Agents in Social Network Sites: The Evidence for Lifecycles and Determinants of Lifecycle Variability, S. Han, C.L. Magee, Y. Kim, 2007 PDF
  30. A Functional Approach for Studying Technological Progress: Extension to Energy Technology, C. Magee, H. Koh, Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 2008 PDF Supplemental Material
  31. Estimating Factors Affecting Project Task Size in Product Development—An Empirical Study, K. Hölttä-Otto and C. Magee, IEEE, Transactions on Engineering Management, Vol. 53, pp. 1, February 2006 PDF
  32. Standards as Interdependent Artifacts: Application to Prediction of Promotion for Internet Standards, M. Hsieh, C. Magee, ICSS, 2006 PDF
  33. Research Agenda for an Integrated Approach to Infrastructure Planning, Design and Management, J. Hansman, C. Magee, N. de Neufville, R. Robins and D. Roos, Int. J. Critical Infrastructures, Vol. 2, Nos. 2/3, 2006 PDF
  34. Experimentation and its Role in Engineering Design: Linking a Student Design Exercise to New Results from Cognitive Psychology, Int. J. Eng. Educ., C. Magee, D. Frey, Ed. Vol 21, No.3, 2006 PDF
  35. 1 A Functional Approach for Studying Technological Progress: Application to Information Technology, H. Koh, C. Magee, Technological Forecasting & Social Change, Vol 73, pp. 1061-1083, 2006 PDF
  36. Enhancing Inventiveness for Quality Of Life, Competitiveness and Sustainability, M. Flemings, C. Magee, J. Marton-Lefevre, M. Meyers, A. Molella, D. Perkins, M. Roe Smith, Report of the Committee for Study of Invention, 2004 PDF
  37. Multi-Attribute Value Approach to Business Airplane Product Assessment, T. Downen, D. Nightingale, C. Magee, Journal of Aircraft, Vol. 42, No. 6, 2005 PDF
  38. Needs and Possibilities for Engineering Education: One Industrial/Academic Perspective, C. Magee, Designing Engineering Education, International Journal of Eng. Educ. Vol. 20, No. 3 2004 PDF

Selected Early Publications

  1. Design Considerations in Energy Absorption by Structural Collapse, C. Magee, P. Thornton, Trans. Of Society of Automotive Engineers, 780434, 1978 PDF
  2. The Effect of Strain Rate Upon Bending Behavior of Materials, C. Magee, R. Davies, Journal of Engineering Materials and Technology, ASME, Paper No. 76-Mat-FF, 1975 PDF
  3. The Deformation of Aluminum Foams, P. Thornton, C. Magee, Metallurgical Transactions, Vol. 6A, pp. 1253-1263, 1975 PDF
  4. The Effect of Interstitial Solutes on the Twinning Stress of B.C.C. Metals, C. Magee, D. Hoffman, R. Davies, Philosophical Magazine, Vol. 23, No. 186, pp. 1531-1540, 1971 PDF
  5. 2 Influence of Austenite and Martensite Strength on Martensite Morphology, C. Magee, R. Davies, Metallurgical Transactions, Vol. 2, pp. 1939-1947, 1971 PDF
  6. 3 The Kinetics of Martensite Formation in Small Particles, C. Magee, Metallurgical Transactions, Vol. 2, pp. 2419-2430, 1971 PDF
  7. The Role of Weight Reducing Materials in Automotive Fuel Savings, C. Magee, Trans. SAE 1982 PDF

  1. 2006 Elsevier prize for Best Paper in Technological Forecasting and Social Change
  2. Henry Marion Howe Medal, 1972
  3. Alfred Nobel Award, 1972 for the outstanding research contribution by a member of the five “Founding Engineering Societies” (ASCE, AIME, ASME, IEEE, and WSE) during 1972