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15.141 Economics of the Health Care Industries
E. Berndt, S. Finkelstein
1 Feb. 6 Tu Introduction
"Lean Health Care" - Is it Possible? Is it Inevitable?
Guest: Jerome H. Grossman, M.D.
Lion Gate Management Corporation, Former Chief Executive Officer, New England Medical Center
2 Feb. 13 Tu Medical Care as a Determinant of Health
Guest: Randall Stafford, M.D.
Assistant Professor of Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital, Institute of Health Policy
3 Feb. 20 Tu No Class - Monday Schedule of Classes due to the Presidents Holiday
4 Feb. 27 Tu

Managing Medical R&D
Guests: Iain M. Cockburn, Ph.D., Professor
Finance and Economics, School of Management, 
Boston University
David J. Wierz, Economist
Wyeth-Ayerst Pharmaceuticals

Reading Assignment:
Firm Size and Research Productivity in Drug Discovery 
(.pdf format)

Slide Presentation:
Defining and Realizing Clinical and Commercial Value 
by David J. Wierz, Wyeth-Ayerst Pharmaceuticals

5 Mar. 6 Tu Establishing Efficacy
Guest: Glenn Pransky, MD, MOccH
Director, Liberty Mutual Center for Disability Research
& Associate Professor, UMass Medical School
  Mar. 9 Fri Essay 1:  Writing Assignment Due
Directions.Questions.03.09.01 (.pdf format)
Directions.Questions.03.09.01 (.doc format)
6 Mar. 13 Tu Outsourcing Clinical Studies
Guests: Pierre Azoulay, Doctoral Candidate, MIT Sloan School of Management

James Bretimeyer, M.D., Ph.D. *
Director, Harvard Clinical Research Institute

Slide Presentations:
Establishing Efficacy through Randomized Controlled Clinical Trials, by Ernst R. Berndt, Ph.D.

Evidence-based Practice:  the US View
by Susan Ross, M.D.

7 Mar. 20 Tu Establishing Effectiveness and Cost-Effectiveness
Guest: Marc Berger, M.D.
Vice President, Outcomes, Merck and Company, Inc.
Establishing Efficacy
Guest: Glenn Pransky, MD, MOccH
Director, Liberty Mutual Center for Disability Research
& Associate Professor, UMass Medical School

Slide Presentation:
Will It Work?  Efficacy Studies and Clinical Research (PowerPoint)

8 Mar. 27 Tu No Class - Spring Vacation
9 Apr. 3 Tu Switching from Rx to Over-the-Counter
Guest: Michael Weintraub
Former Senior Official, Food and Drug Administration
10 Apr. 10 Tu Managing Global Pricing and Product Launch Strategies
Guests: Brian Healy, Ph.D *
Merck and Company, Inc.
Stephen Soumerai, Ph.D *
Harvard University

Reading Assignments:
A Primer on Pharmacoeconomics 
(.pdf format)
A Randomized Trial . . . Cholesterol Reduction Intervention Study (CRIS) (.pdf format)

  Apr. 13 Fri Essay II:  Writing Assignment Due
Essay II - Writing Assignment (.pdf format)
Essay II - Writing Assignment (.doc format)
11 Apr. 17 Tu No Class - Patriots Day Holiday
12 Apr. 24 Tu Information Technology and the Analysis of Retrospective Medical Claims Data
Guests: William Crown, Ph.D
Vice President, Outcomes and Econometrics, The Medstat Group
Timothy Hylan, Ph.D
Director / Team Leader, Pfizer, Inc.

Reading Assignments:
Guidance for Industry,
by U.S. H&HS, F&DA & CDER: 
Aerosol Steroid Product Safety Information in Prescription Drug Advertising and Promotional Labeling
(.pdf format)

Consumer-Directed Broadcast Advertisement (.pdf format)
& Questions & Answers
(.pdf format)

Industry-Supported Scientific and Educational
(.pdf format)
13 May 1 Tu Pharmaceutical Marketing and the New Economy
Guest: Richard Manning, Ph.D
Director, Economic Analysis, Pfizer, Inc.

Reading Assignment:
Information, Marketing, and Pricing in the U.S. Antiulcer Drug Market 
(.pdf format)

Slide Presentation:
Economics of Pharmaceutical Promotion
by Richard Manning, Ph.D., Pfizer, Inc.

14 May 8 Tu Direct to Consumer Pharmaceutical Advertising
Guest: Nancy Ostrove *
Food and Drug Administration, Division of Drug Marketing, Advertising and Communications
Len Tacconi
Merck and Company, Inc.

Slide Presentations:
Direct-to-Consumer Prescription Drug Promotion
by Nancy M. Ostrove, Ph.D., Food and Drug Administration

Pharmaceuticals:  The New Consumer Marketing Frontier
by Len Tacconi, Merck & Company, Inc.

15 May 15 Tu Where Next? The Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit?
Guest: Richard Frank, Ph.D
Professor of Health Care Policy, Harvard Medical School
  May 18 Fri Essay III:  Writing Assignment Due
Essay III - Writing Assignment (.pdf format)
Essay III - Writing Assignment (.doc format)
* not yet confirmed

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