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At 12:18 PM 8/6/96 -0400, Cameron Bailey wrote:
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>The 21st Toronto International Film Festival runs September 5 -
>14, 1996.
> For further information: Valerie Wint (416) 967-7371
Dear All,

I just spoke with Valerie Wint. There is a website for the festival:

Toronto Film Festival

However, there is no link for "Planet Africa". Ms. Vint says that the
webpage is in development and that the schedule of "Planet Africa" films
will be available on the Bell website at the end of August.

Is anybody going?

YES, I'm going - Steve Smith, your moderator. I'll keep you all posted on
the happenings. Our affiliate Media for Development Trust in Zimbabwe is
having the world premiere there for "Everyone's Child" on Sept 13/14.

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