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Dear Steve,

I have finally gotten positive word on my grant and will be going to FESPACO
for the first time. I could use some help in figuring out where to stay and
getting a feel for how the week will go, so I know how long to plan on
staying, etc. I'd prefer not to be in a big, expensive hotel, but of course
those are the only ones equipped to take reservations from abroad. I'd also
be grateful for any suggestions you have on dealing with the Burkina
Embassy, which so far has not responded to my telephone request for visa
forms. If you've got the time, send me some phone numbers and I'll call you
to talk these questions over.

With regard to e-mail and communication from Ouagadougou: I spent last year
in Dakar and had an e-mail account through the French research agency
Orstom. The other option in Dakar is the NGO ENDA, which runs an e-mail
service. I suspect that one or the other of them has a server in
and could equip you with a temporary connection during FESPACO, so that your
e-mail would involve only a local phone call. Try writing to Christophe Brun
at Orstom-Dakar <> or to ENDA at
<> or <> Explain your situation
and how you are providing a public service for researchers all over the
world. Be careful to understand the finances with Orstom- their service is
good but it ends up being expensive. Enda does not charge and the service
used to be iffy, but is getting better and better.

Hope to hear from you soon. If not, see you there.

Charlie Sugnet
U of Minnesota

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University of Minnesota
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