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Greetings from Olympia Film Society OFS, Washington State!

Hello from a new member- I'm Devon Damonte, a programmer representing OFS
and Olympia Film Festival (our 14th Annual in October 1997). We are a
non-profit, primarily volunteer-operated film society operating an historic
theater in smallish downtown Olympia in the Northwestern United States. We
conduct regular screenings 4 days a week all year round - mostly of more
popular art titles with a few more adventuresome international and
independents mixed in. We also have an annual 10 day festival each fall
(October 17-28, 1997) which usually includes one or two African films,
occasionally circuiting with the LA Pan African Festival. My personal
interest in African cinema caught fire seeing Ousmane Sembene at the San
Francisco Festival in 1992. Since then I've been captivated and see as much
as possible at the LA Festival, in Toronto, Vancouver and SF. Glad to know
about this valuable resource! Best to all.

from the fabulous Olympia Film Society downtown office
218 1/2 W 4th, Oly WA 98501 #360/754-6670.
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