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>Originally dated: Mon, 31 Mar 1997 09:09:06 -0800
>Greetings from Olympia Film Society OFS, Washington State!
>Hello from a new member- I'm Devon Damonte, a programmer representing OFS
>and Olympia Film Festival (our 14th Annual in October 1997). We are a
>non-profit, primarily volunteer-operated film society operating an historic
>theater in smallish downtown Olympia in the Northwestern United States. We
>conduct regular screenings 4 days a week all year round - mostly of more
>popular art titles with a few more adventuresome international and
>independents mixed in. We also have an annual 10 day festival each fall
>(October 17-28, 1997) which usually includes one or two African films,
>occasionally circuiting with the LA Pan African Festival. My personal
>interest in African cinema caught fire seeing Ousmane Sembene at the San
>Francisco Festival in 1992. Since then I've been captivated and see as much
>as possible at the LA Festival, in Toronto, Vancouver and SF. Glad to know
>about this valuable resource! Best to all.
> ------------------------------------>
>from the fabulous Olympia Film Society downtown office
>218 1/2 W 4th, Oly WA 98501 #360/754-6670.
>Respond to:
>See website at: thanking you!
> <------------------------------------

Thank you for letting us know of your existence. I am Newton Musara working
for Z Promotions, publisher s of Africa Film & TV Yearbook/Directory and
Quarterly Magazine. We would like to put your contact details on our
database for future reference. Please could you send us your Telephone and
fax numbers.

I would appreciate your corporation regarding this matter and looking
forward to hear from you shortly,

Kindest regards,

Newton Musara
Editorial Assistant, Directory
Africa Film & TV

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