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Wed, 24 Sep 1997 05:50:35 -0700 (PDT)

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    Rabi by Gaston Kabore is wonderful.

    >Originally from: <>
    >Originally dated: Tue, 23 Sep 97 08:49:00 PDT
    >I'm looking for titles on good african films for children.
    >Could anyone help me?
    >Liv K.Z.
    >We'd love to help, but need your contact address. Could whomever posted
    >this, please send us how to reach you. To post a message to the group,
    >please just send it to:
    >Thanks, Steve Smith, moderator


    bridget thompson 101

    woodstock, 7925

    cape town
    south africa

    tel: (27 +21)7881008, fax: (27 +21)7882442
    Note: DSR has distribution rights to this fine film for developing nations.
    Contact "Rabi": Burkina Faso - En, 61 min, US$39.95
    (cultural environment drama)

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