MIT CS-visit-day Jan. 16, 2015

  • Q&A panel
  • Lab Tours
  • Lab Demos
  • Q&A panel
  • Google Tours
  • Q&A panel
  • Tutorials
  • Lab Tours
  • Discussion sessions


"Students enjoyed the event in general. They especially liked the visit to the Google offices."

"My students most enjoyed the tour of the google office. From having an 'official badge' to being in a safe space for asking questions, it was a great event. Entering the space, many thought that Google was only a place for tech gurus. However, they learned that there's a space for other skills within the company."

"The students loved seeing 'Baxter' - I don't think any of them had interacted with robotics before and were very interested in the potential of the project."

"My students really enjoyed interacting with the robot - one girl asked me 'so she uses code like we do to make it do that?!'. I think it gave a helpful context to the work we are currently doing, and gave them an idea of one area they could go with it."

"The talk by Diane Williams was very informative and it got my students thinking about what there is here locally to get involved with."

"I also really loved the panel. Very encouraging/informative."

"The people on the panel were engaging, and spoke to the students in an encouraging, energetic and informative way. The students felt welcomed."

"Students really enjoyed the different technology/designs at the center. Also, they found the conversation about Computer Science interesting."

"It was a great day to visit and see how computer science is used in the world."

"The best part of the day was looking at and trying out the different technology/designs that were on display."

"I enjoyed the CS presentation because it introduced new ideas and concepts to my students. I want to give kudos to the speaker for having models that the students could view and hold. Also, it was great to talk about Legos. Even if you're "not a CS person", you know what Legos are and can talk about it."

"The visit to Google and the 3D printing presentation were the most engaging and fun."

"They learned the various ways to do 3D printing and they learned about social media being public or accessible information."

"Students learned: how broad the area of Computer Science is, different areas of computer graphics research, how architecture can be helped by the use of computers, what it looks like to work at a high-tech company."