MIT CS-visit-day Jan. 16, 2015

  • Q&A panel
  • Lab Tours
  • Lab Demos
  • Q&A panel
  • Google Tours
  • Q&A panel
  • Tutorials
  • Lab Tours
  • Discussion sessions

The initiative

The MIT CS-visit-day was made possible by MIT students and staff. Among the goals of the event was to promote diversity in computer science, to show high school students how broad the discipline of computer science is, to allow students to interact with computer science researchers at MIT and ask them questions, and to demo the cool things that a career in computer science makes possible.

The people who made it possible

  Zoya Bylinskii, organizer

  Iva Bojic, organizer

  Bianca Homberg, organizer

  Valentina Shin, organizer

Sabrina Neuman, classroom guide and speaker

Mandy Korpusik, classroom guide and speaker

Amy Zhang, classroom guide and speaker

Laura Perovich, MIT Media Lab tours and demos

Jennifer Jacobs, MIT Media Lab tours and demos

Jonathan Hunt, 3D printing demos

Amber Bennoui, 3D printing demos

Diane Williams, invited speaker

Kate Mahoney, invited speaker

Kim Stabile, Google office tours

All the panelists