picture of Jared Curhan



Curhan has been passionate about teaching for as long as he can remember. A recipient of Stanford University's Lieberman Fellowship for excellence in teaching and university service, as well as MIT's institute-wide teaching award and MIT Sloan's Jamieson Prize for excellence in teaching, Curhan has experience teaching courses in negotiation, social psychology, organizational behavior, and statistics. His students have included MBAs, PhDs, JDs, and undergraduates. His consulting experience ranges from executive education with Major Project Leaders at BP, to designing educational programs for thousands of youths as part of the Program for Young Negotiators, which he developed. Prior to his graduate training, he enjoyed teaching photography, mathematics, and competitive rowing.

A strong believer in the integration of research and education, Curhan developed and co-taught for two years a course for undergraduate and graduate students at Stanford University that applied social psychological principles to the study of negotiation. At MIT, Curhan developed a new course on negotiation, receiving high marks from his students (mean teaching rating of 4.73 out of 5). Curhan continues to innovate in the classroom, converting research findings and best practices from the field into teachable cases and exercises. His courses are praised for their extensive use of multimedia and interactive technology.

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"Jared Curhan is an extraordinary teaching
scholar. Indeed, it is not too much to say
that he is one of the best, most effective
teachers that I have ever seen in
action in a Stanford classroom."

Frederic Stout
Teaching Assistant Training Coordinator
Stanford University Center for Teaching and Learning