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Dmytro Taranovsky

Some of My Papers

The papers below are not directly linked from my home page and were originally judged as less important.

Technical Notes contains various technical notes on mathematics, physics, and computer science.

Economics of Welfare provides a solution to the problem of inefficient and incomplete welfare system.

Against Involuntary Secondary Smoke provides a solution to the problem of secondary smoke.

British Literature provides an overview of British literature 1785-1970 and explains a part of the meaning of literature.

Free Speech and Child Pornography (plain text) explain why child pornography should be First Amendment protected.

Marriage Rights explains why same-sex marriage is protected by the US Constitution.

Reversing Death is a short work of fiction, emphasizing the nature of the human soul.

Two Men and a Demon Boy (a collection of short stories, fiction, has risqué content)

Physical Quantities discusses the nature of units and dimension.

File Systems is a technical paper describing how computer file systems should work.

Philosophy of Possibility and Impossibility

The Problem of Vagueness


Affine Transformations in Geometry shows an easy way of solving some apparently complex problems in Euclidean geometry.

Perfect Subsets and ZFC (set theory)

Space-Efficient Circuit Evaluation (computational complexity theory)

Ordinal Notation (also linked from the main page) introduces a family of strong ordinal notation systems. (python module/script) implements ordinal arithmetic up to a very large ordinal (conjectured to reach full second order arithmetic); uses notation from the paper above.