patrick s. doyle
The Doyle Group @MIT
Soft Matter, Microfliuidics, Bioassays
patrick s. doyle

Group Members

Patrick Doyle, Professor

Postdoctoral Associates

H. Burak Eral, Postdoctoral Associate Gaelle Le Goff, Postdoctoral Associate
Jiseok Lee, Postdoctoral Associate Hyewon Lee, Postdoctoral Associate
Seung Goo Lee, Postdoctoral Associate

Singapore-based Postdoctoral Associates in the BioSyM IRG at the Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research & Technology

Dai Liang, Postdoctoral Associate Xinghua Zhang, Postdoctoral Associate
Binu Kundukad, Postdoctoral Associate

Graduate Students

Harry An, Graduate Student
Alona Birjiniuk, Graduate Student
Lynna Chen, Graduate Student
Andrew Fiore, Graduate Student
Ankur Gupta, Graduate Student
Jane Hung, Graduate Student
Jeremy Jones, Graduate Student
Jae Jung Kim, Graduate Student
Hyundo Lee, Graduate Student
Ben Renner, Graduate Student
Rathi Srinivas, Graduate Student
Andrew Tsavaris, Graduate Student


Eric Safai, Undergraduate Student
Ha-young Kang, Undergraduate Student
Stephen Johnson, Undergraduate Student


Yuting Sun, Postdoctoral Associate (2014)
Ning Du, Postdoctoral Associate (2014)
Will Uspal, Ph.D. (2013) -- Currently a postdoctoral associate at Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems
Siwon Choi, Graduate Student Researcher (2013) -- Currently graduate student at MIT
Charles Mitchell, Graduate Student Researcher (2012)
Jungwook Kim, Postdoctoral Associate (2012)
Yun Soo Kim, Visiting Graduate Student (2012) -- Currently graduate student at University of Delaware
Stephen Chapin, Ph.D. (2012) -- Currently at ClearView Healthcare Partners
Ki Wan Bong, Ph.D. (2012) -- Currently a postdoctoral associate at Harvard/MGH
Shannon Moran, Undergraduate Researcher (2012)
Matt Helgeson, Postdoctoral Associate (2012) -- Currently Assistant Professor at UCSB
Su Kyung Suh, Ph.D. (2011)
Nakwon Choi, Postdoctoral Associate (2011) -- Currently Senior Research Scientist at Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST)
Jason Rich, Ph.D. (2011) -- Currently at Pepsico
Priyadarshi Panda, Ph.D. (2011) -- Currently at Intel
Foram Thakkar, Postdoctoral Associate (2010)
Jing Tang, Ph.D. (2010)-- Currently at Nabsys
Nils Danckwardt, visiting Ph.D. student (2010)
Daniel Trahan, Ph.D. (2010) -- Currently in the Modeling Group at Dow Chemical
Peiwen Cong, Visiting Graduate Student (2010)
Isabelle Adrianssens, Visiting Graduate Student (2010)
David Appleyard, Postdoctoral Associate (2010)
Dan Pregibon , Ph.D. (2008) -- Co-founder and President at Firefly Bioworks
Ramin Haghgooie, Ph.D. (2006) -- Currently Director of Engineering at Center for Technology Development at Massachusetts General Hospital
Kai Yuet, Undergraduate Researcher (2009) -- Currently at CalTech
Dae Kun Hwang, Postdoctoral Associate (2009) - Currently Assistant Professor at University of Saskatchewan
Michelle Aquing, Undergraduate Researcher (2009) - Currently at IFP
Jennifer Chao, Undergraduate Researcher (2008)
Anthony Balducci, Ph.D. (2008) - Currently at Instrumentation Laboratories
Chih-Chen Hsieh, Postdoctoral Associate (2008) - Currently Assistant Professor at National Taiwan University
Yuhua Hu, Ph.D. (2008) - Currently a postdoctoral associate at Stanford
Shelley Gu, Undergraduate Researcher (2007)
Chen Li, Undergraduate Researcher (2007)
Aruna Mohan, Ph.D. (2007) - Currently at ExxonMobil Upstream Research
Dhananjaya Dendukuri, Ph.D. (2007) - Currently at Connexios
Ju Min Kim, Postdoctoral Associate (2005-2007) - Currently Assistant Professor at Ajou University, South Korea
Thierry Savin, Ph.D. (2006) - Currently a postdoctoral associate at Harvard University
Patrick Underhill, Ph.D. (2006) - Currently Assistant Professor at RPI
Greg Randall, Ph.D. (2006) - Currently a postdoctoral associate at UNC Chapel Hill
Anton De Winter, Undergraduate Researcher (2006)
Jesse Collins, Undergraduate Researcher (2005)
Kelly Schultz, Undergraduate Researcher (2005)
Jesse Lee, Undergraduate Researcher (2005)
Malancha Gupta, M.S. (2004) -- Currently Assistant Professor at USC
Jamie Karcesky, Undergraduate Researcher (2004)
Kim Tsoi, Senior Thesis (B.S. University of Toronto) (2004)
Fabio Longo, Undergraduate Researcher (2003)