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Symbolic Software for Model Generation and Analysis of Linear Dynamical Systems

Please Note: This is experimental software. It is made available for download without any warranty, expressed or implied. The author makes no guarantee as to the accuracy of the results produced by this code.

SYREP  Examples:
System specification
  Linear Graph
  Impedance Graph
  Elemental equations
  Transfer function
  Direct matrix entry System Response
System properties
  Time domain
  Frequency domain
  Closed loop

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   Maple-SYREP (for SYstem REPresentation) is an integrated package of approximately 90 Maple V (Release 4 or 5), Maple 6 or Maple 7 procedures for the formulation and analysis of mathematical models of linear lumped-parameter dynamic systems.  It is a symbolic package that produces its results in closed-form, in contrast to numerical analysis packages, such as MATLAB, which use approximate numerical integration techniques to calculate responses.
Maple-SYREP allows users to perform sophisticated analyses of lumped parameter linear systems with only a minimal knowledge of the Maple language and command syntax.
Maple-SYREP is extensible.  For users with knowledge of the Maple language it is a simple matter to add functionality and to customize SYREP.
Maple-SYREP is an ideal companion to the text System Dynamics: An Introduction, Rowell, D. and Wormley, D. N., Prentice Hall, 1997.
Maple-SYREP allows  the specification of a system in several forms: (click on the links to view simple examples):
  • directly from the system structure expressed as a linear graph, as described in Rowell and Wormley, Chs. 1-6.  Systems with dependent energy storage elements and energy transducing two-port elements are handled.
  • from a generalized impedance graph structure (Rowell and Wormley, Ch. 13),
  • from a set of elemental and constraint equations (Rowell and Wormley, Chs. 1--6),
  • as a transfer function, and
  • from direct entry of the state-space matrices.
  • A bond graph interface is under development.


The collection of SYREP analysis procedures allow the display of


Maple SYREP is distributed as a Maple ".m" file and is loaded into a Maple session with a "read" statement.
Maple SYREP may be downloaded from this site at no charge and distributed without restriction.  It is machine independent and has been run in Windows, MacIntosh, and Unix environments.  Versions are available for Maple V (Release 4 and Release 5), Maple 6 and Maple 7.


Copyright (c) 2001 Derek Rowell

Last modified: November 28, 2001