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Easyrider, the MIT motorcycle club, was founded in the Spring of 1998 to foster the interaction of motorcyclists at MIT. We promote safety, community, and support for the advantages of two wheeled transportation. We now have 114 members from MIT and the Boston area. Together we go on rides in the area and have various social events where we exchange tips & tricks about motorcycling and enjoy biker life.

If you are interested, get in touch with us! Send e-mail to easyrider-request@mit.edu to be put on our email list, easyrider@mit.edu.

We hope you'll be easy-ridin' with us soon!

President: Paul Baranay
Treasurer: Jenn Olejarczyk
... and yes, we even have a constitution.

Easy Rider Club founders: Linus "Jet Liner" Sun and Maximilian "High Life" Riesenhuber.
Former Presidents: Max Riesenhuber, Justin Raade, Lee "Wildman" Winder, Joe Walish, Charvak Karpe, Anmol Madan
Former Treasurers: Dave Appleyard