Benign Manufacturing














  Timothy Gutowski
Professor of Mechanical Engineering


Post Docs and Researchers

  Dan Cooper
Post Doctoral Researcher

My current research is on evaluating the potential energy, carbon and cost savings associated with the successful development of flexible sheet metal forming processes. This research is in collaboration with Ford and Boeing.

I did my undergraduate and masters degrees in mechanical engineering at the University of Cambridge (UK). I worked as a navel architect for one year before returning to Cambridge to complete a PhD investigating sustainability in the steel and aluminium industries.


Post Doctoral Researcher

Cassandra is interested in understanding the design implications of the rebound effect, specifically the direct rebound effects of improved energy efficiency. The energy rebound effect is a “system wide” phenomenon, whereby an improvement in efficiency increases demand for energy services. Instead of conserving energy, efficiency improvements can increase net energy consumption (“backfire”). Her research also includes understanding of the use of feedback systems and usage context on energy consumption of products.



Masters Students

  Sumant Raykar
Masters Student

I am a Master of Science student in Mechanical Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). My primary research interests are analysis and optimization of transporation systems, manufacturing systems and supply chains.

I have a Bachelor of Engineering from the University of Pune, India, and a Master of Engineering in Manufacturing from MIT.



  Sheng Jiang
Masters Student

I graduated from University of Michigan (ME) and Shanghai Jiaotong University (EE) in 2013. I am interested in energy use investigation in additive manufacturing and cryogenic machining.

Fun fact: Come and see me this summer, I shall be wearing purple long hair like the hit-girl ready to "Kick-Ass".



  Kathleen Eaton
Masters Student

I'm a Masters student working on sheet metal forming environmental analysis. Previous to joining the lab, I spent 8 years in environmental compliance, including 4 years onsite at a refinery. I received my bachelors in General Engineering from the University of Illinois.



Support Staff

  Karuna Mohindra



  Kotaro Kawajiri
Post Doctoral Researcher


  Malima Wolf
PhD in Mechanical Engineering


  Sahil Sahni
PhD in Materials Science and Engineering


  Avid Boustani
Masters in Mechanical Engineering


  Natalia Duque Ciceri
Visiting PhD Student from Politecnico di Milano


  Marc-Andre Dittrich
Visiting Student from Leibniz Universitat Hannover


  Nils Hartnack
Visiting Student from Leibniz Universitat Hannover


  Pamela C. Silva
Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate 2010


  Gregoire Casoetto
Visiting Student from Ecole Polytechnique


  Matthew Branham
MS Graduate in Mechanical Engineering


  Suganth Kalakkad
MS student in Mechanical Engineering


  Arnaud Uzabiaga
Visiting student from Ecole Polytechnique


  Ante Mrkonjic
Visiting grad student from University of Stuttgart


  Mitch Westwood
BS student in Mechanical Engineering


Philipp Bohr
Visiting PhD student from TU Berlin

Esther Hu
BS 2009
Thesis: The Effect of Machine and Material Parameters on Rare Earth Roller Separation  

Dominic Albino
Visiting BS student from Yale

Lynette Cheah
2nd year PhD student in Mechanical Engineering

Thilo Grove
Visiting grad student from Hanover, Germany

Jeffrey Dahmus
PhD 2007
Thesis: Applications of Industrial Ecology: Manufacturing, Recycling, and Efficiency

Joe Foley
Post-Doctoral Fellow 2006-2007

Young Seok Song
Post-Doctoral Fellow 2006-2007

Alissa Jones
MS 2007
Thesis: The Industrial Ecology of the Iron Casting Industry

Alexandre Thiriez
MS 2006
Thesis: An Environmental Analysis of Injection Molding

Luke Haidorfer
BS 2005
Thesis: Efficiency Alone as a Solution to Increasing Energy Consumption

Beth Baniszewski
BS 2005
Thesis: An Environmental Impact Analysis of Grinding

Michael Kurd
BS 2004
Thesis: The Material and Energy Flow Through the Abrasive Waterjet Machining and Recycling Processes

Margaret Cho
BS 2004
Thesis: Environmental Constituents of Electrical Discharge Machining

Brianne Metzger
MS 2003
Thesis: Design for Recycling: Influencing Product Design Using the Recyclability Index

Lauren Killian
BS 2003
Thesis: Material Selection for Structural Use: Developing Ecological Footprints for Steel and Wood

Teresa Zhang
BS 2003
Thesis: Product Ecofootprint: Environmental Analysis of the Generic American Car

Sascha Haffner
PhD 2002
Thesis: Cost Modeling and Design for Manufacturing Guidelines for Advanced Composite Fabrication

Rhonda Salzman
MS 2002
Thesis: Manufacturing System Design: Flexible Manufacturing Systems and Value Stream Mapping