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Educational Transformation through Technology at MIT
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We are launching the most extensive array of coordinated educational innovations the Institute has embarked on in a quarter-century. From single-semester experiments by individual faculty to sweeping institutional commitments, internal initiatives to university and industry collaborations, all work toward educational transformation and renewal in the classroom and around the globe.
Hal Abelson
Faculty Co-Chair of MITCET and Class of 1922 Professor of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering

The MIT Council on Educational Technology (MITCET) brings focus and commitment to MIT's educational technology initiatives. The Council provides:

  • Strategic guidance to program and infrastructure initiatives designed to enhance the quality of an MIT education
  • Coordination of Institute-wide educational experiments and programs
  • Assessment of the effectiveness of educational technology initiatives

MITCET is committed to establishing MIT as a world leader for research and innovation in the use of technology to enhance learning, consistent with the Institute's values. MIT's core values drive the Institute's efforts in educational technology:

  • Research and teaching will continue to be linked and synergistic
  • The quality of the MIT community will be preserved and enhanced
  • Quality student/faculty interactions will be preserved and enhanced
  • MIT is unwilling to compromise on student standards for enrollment in degree programs
  • MIT's core advantage is its ability to bring world-class students and faculty together


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