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Team Composition

Teams for the Johnson Games 2002 must have a minimum of 25 and a maximum of 40 participants. Each team should be roughly 50/50 male/female and there should be a minimum of 40% students and a minimum of 30% faculty or staff on each team. At least one-third of the active participants must be from a named core or sponsoring group, e.g. student living groups, academic departments, Schools, labs or administrative departments, and ad hoc, high spirited groups as approved by the Games Committee. Family members are encouraged to participate. New for the 2002 Games, 50 points will be awarded for every MIT alum on each team. Each team must designate a captain or co-captains who will be the contact person(s) for the Games staff and who will be responsible for organizing, inspiring and communicating with the team before and after the Games. Each team must create a unique name which will be printed on the back of complimentary team tee-shirts.

Final Rosters will be due by Monday, September, 16 and must include the team name, core group, captain(s) with contact information, and team member names, email addresses, affiliation, gender and status (student, faculty, staff alumni/alumnae or other). Hard copies of these forms are available in the MIT Information Center, Room 7-121, or you may fill out the roster below.

Need a Team?
If you still want to play and do not yet have a team, please contact and we'll assign you to a team.

New team roster
Edit of previously submitted roster
Team Name
Core Group
Team Captain(s)
MIT Address(es)
MIT Telephone(s)
MIT Email(s) for Team Captain(s)

(Please separate multiple email addresses with commas.)

Team Members
For each team member, please list

  • Member Name
  • Email address (
  • MIT affiliation (e.g. East Campus, Information Systems, Biology)
  • Status (UG for undergrad, G for grad student, F for Faculty, S for Staff, A for alumni/alumnae, and O for Other)
  • Gender (M for Male, F for Female)
The minimum number of participants is 25, the maximum is 40 per team.

You may when done, or if you want to start over. This roster will be sent to, and will cc the team captain emails specified above.

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