Vehicle: eSuperbike

Our Newest Electric Motorcyle: eSuperbike

The eSuperbike project is all about performance. We are out to prove that MIT students can build a racing vehicle, electric style. The project will combine a BMW Chassis and new A123 prismatic battery technolgy to assemble a 12 kWh monster to compete in the new electric leagues that are popping up.

Electric motorcycle racing started in 2009 with the Isle of Man TT Zero, a one-lap race around the Isle's 37.5 mile track, at speeds of 80mph. Now, the TT is an international league spanning the US, UK, and Europe, and the IOM lives on with the TT Zero. To compete in the TT Zero this year we have to be race-ready by April 30th.

So far we have received the motorcycle and assembled it, and we have created a design for the frame which will hold our batteries and motors, as well as other parts such as the Kelly controller, contactors, and fuses. Will Prichett, Randall Briggs, and Abhimanyu Belani have been working with Lennon Rodgers to design parts of the bike, from the motor coupler to the rider's information display.

  • Project Goal: Create a 100+ MPH Electric Superbike
  • Vehicle Chassis: BMW S1000RR
  • Battery Technology: A123 Automotive LiFePO4 Prismatic Modules
  • Drivetrain: 2x Lynch DC Thin-Gab Axial Flux Motors
  • Controller: Kelly 480A Continuous

Our Rider

MIT EVT is thrilled to welcome Allan Brew to the team. Brew is a veteran to motorcycle racing having participated in international races for over 20 years. He can be seen in the photo to the right at Killalane, Ireland in 2010 (Photo credit: Baylon McCaughey Brew is a native of the Isle of Man and participated in the Isle of Man TT race most recently in 2003. He is the 2010 winner of the Irish Classic 500cc Road Race Championship and came in second in the Irish Classic 350cc Road Race Championship.

Become an Official eSuperbike Sponsor

The team is actively seeking new sponsors of all levels to fund the electric motorcycle project via component donations and financial support. By becoming a sponsor you can support EV research, education, and demonstration at MIT while gaining valuable promotion for you and your company. For more information about sponsorship opportunities, please contact the EVT Treasurer at More information, including a list of our current sponsors, is available here.