The EVT Vehicles

Demonstrated Success: Porsche 914 BEV

EVT converted a 1976 Porsche 914 into a battery electric vehicle (BEV) using 18 Valence Technology lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries and an AC induction motor. The vehicle has an estimated 0-60 mph acceleration time of under 18 seconds and a range of approximately 100 miles. The Porsche 914 BEV has been operational for about a year and has been road tested for both city and highway driving. A comprehensive data acquisition system logs and displays battery and motor information. The vehicle is now used for testing and research, continued optimization and refinement, outreach, and 2.007 and UROP projects: more information

Second Vehicle: elEVen

EVT began a second conversion in June 2009. Using the knowledge and experience gained from the Porsche, the team identifed vehicle and project goals, specifically, to demonstrate an EV that can meet the needs of the average driver and to provide public information about the strengths and weaknesses of EVs on the road today. The vehicle specifications for this midsize EV include extended range (200 miles) and rapid charging ( < 11 minutes). The elEVen conversion is based on the Ford CD3 platform, used in the Ford Fusion, Mercury Milan, and Lincoln MKZ: more information

Electric Motorcycles: eMoto

eMoto was designed and built in 2008 by a team member to demonstrate that low cost EV's are possible. Using all new parts available on the internet, eMoto was designed and constructed for $3000. For more information:

eMoto has since been used by the EVT to demonstrate custom battery pack designs and rapid charging. In 2009 members of the EVT designed and built a set of rapid-charging enabled battery modules using A123's 26650 cells, along with a custom charger. The relatively lower power requirements of eMoto prepare the team for the demands of the higher power elEVen sedan. more information

Electric Motorcycles: eSuperbike

The eSuperbike project is all about performance. We are out to prove that MIT students can build a racing vehicle, electric style. The project will combine a BMW Chassis and new A123 prismatic battery technolgy to assemble a 12 kWh monster to compete in the new electric leagues that are popping up: more information

Pocket Motorcycle Squad

As of Fall 2012, EVT members have started working on modifying kid's electric motorcycles and making them cruise at over 20mph. PMS's long term goal is to bring Mario Kart to life at MIT and to teach the public about personal Electric Vehicles. : more information