Vehicles: Pocket Motorcycles

Pocket Motorcycle Squad

EVT members have recently formed a thug gang by the name of Pocket Motorcycle Squad (PMS). PMS members buy used pocket motorcycle frames and then add overpowered motors, battery packs and controllers. These little pocket bikes can cruise campus at speeds over 20mph and are no longer suitable for children. PMS's founding member is TinyCycle (may he rest in peace). The second pocket bike is ChiquiCycle Currently 3 more pocket motor cycles are in development. The gang expects to be able to play real world mario kart around MIT soon.

Become an Official PMS Sponsor

PMS is actively seeking new sponsors of all levels to fund the electric motorcycles project via component donations and financial support. By becoming a sponsor you can support EV research, education, and demonstration at MIT while gaining valuable promotion for you and your company. For more information about sponsorship opportunities, please contact the EVT Treasurer at More information, including a list of our current sponsors, is available here.