Engineers Without Borders, MIT Chapter

MIT Chapter

The MIT chapter of Engineers Without Borders has been in existence since Fall of 2006, but our first project was adopted in Fall of 2008.  The goal of EWB-MIT is to create opportunities for the MIT community to get involved with international development.  We are introducing a new approach to international development at MIT.  Rather than focusing on developing new technologies, EWB focuses on building a capacity building relationship with a community.  A typical relationship with a community can be 4-5 years, at the end of which it is hoped that a community can be self-sustaining, and can continue their development on their own. 



As one of the world’s leading institutions of engineering design and technological advancements, MIT has much to offer in support of international development. MIT is aligned to serve as a strong ally of development organizations that seek to improve the quality of life of people in developing communities. Millions of people live their lives without basic necessities such as clean drinking water; things we take for granted everyday. Oftentimes projects that would vastly improve the quality of life in many remote areas are far more difficult and complex to carry out than they would be in the developed world. The materials and funds needed are not readily available and no one is equipped with the engineering knowledge necessary to pull off a project. International development teams are often challenged to overcome deeply embedded beliefs so that their projects will be culturally accepted as well. Thus, these are the issues that EWB@MIT is here to face and solve!

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