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Engineers Without Borders is a nonprofit organization that partners with communities in developing countries to improve their quality of life.  The focus is on implementation of sustainable engineering projects, while getting the community involved.  EWB-USA also strives to mentor internationally responsible engineers and matches developing communities to student and professional chapters.
During the past year, EWB has

Universities interested in starting a chapter.

EWB-USA serves as a national umbrella organization that supports chapters. They provide leadership, project reviews, technical, and logistical support. Projects are screened so only those appropriate for both EWB-USA and student chapters are available. EWB-USA provides pathways to apply for non-profit grants and scholarships while providing the foundation for projects. Additionally, a platform for quality control of the final design is established through the interaction with the Technical Advisory Committee. The national organization ensures that the relationship with the community is ongoing and that the implementation of a project is sustainable.

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