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Making MIT Work MIT.nano

Sustaining MIT’s Past, Present and Future

Facilities staff are always here supporting the Institute. Twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Through rain and especially snow, our staff carries on so that the MIT community can move forward.

Whether we’re repairing aging systems or breaking ground on a new research building, our staff solve problems and keep the Institute working.

On these web pages you’ll find forms to order our services, learn what you can recycle and how construction will impact your commute. Speaking of commuting, there’s also information on alternatives on getting to work. So, go ahead and click on our pages!

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News & Features

Cogeneration: a bridge to the future
Upgrades at the Central Utilities Plant (CUP) will help MIT lower emissions, improve campus resiliency and sustainability, and create a more flexible power system for incorporating future innovations. The cogeneration facility in the CUP currently provides electricity, steam heat, and chilled water to more than 100 buildings on MIT's Cambridge campus. This upgrade will replace the existing cogeneration turbine with a new turbine, install a second turbine, and complete chilled water plant upgrades. Read more.

This season at MIT

MIT.nano Tool Talks
Interested in construction? Curious about what’s making all that noise at the heart of our campus? Join us for a seminar series on the nuts and bolts of constructing a 200,000 square-foot nanotechnology laboratory at the heart of the MIT campus.

MIT.nano Tool Talks
Session 5: Curtainwall installation
Thursday, July 28, noon-1pm
Room 4-105

RSVP to Kim Medeiros by July 26
(Space is limited.)

Learn more at

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