Job Opportunities

If you want to do cutting-edge physics but also enjoy working with your hands, we may be the group for you. We enjoy the full process: from initial design, through building, debugging, data taking and final analysis. Our experiments are often done in the field: either deep underground (searching for dark matter) or in space (X-ray sounding rockets and satellites).

Graduate Students

We currently have two possible openings for the fall 2014:

Micro-X Rocket / X-ray Astrophysics Student

The Micro-X Rocket payload is scheduled for launch in the Spring of 2014. We are looking for a new graduate student in our astrophysics program that will be involved in multi-wavelength supernova remnant analysis and rocket hardware development. The student will analyze data from our first flight and be involved in the second and third Micro-X flights.

SuperCDMS / Particle Physics Student

We will be analyzing data from SuperCDMS Soudan and beginning construction of the SuperCDMS SNOLAB experiment, while doing detector R&D in the lab. We are looking for a hardware-oriented student that will be instrumental in the comissioning of this new dark matter experiment.

UROP Positions

We may have positions for summer or fall 2014. Please email us for details!