MIT Faculty Newsletter  
Vol. XVII No. 3
January / February 2005
Initial Impressions
Food for Thought:
Issues for the Next 10 Years
An Open Letter to the MIT Faculty: Maintaining Integrity at MIT
Themes On Love; Like This;
Within Another Life
Some Further Thoughts on the FPC Suggestions on Faculty Governance
Aimee Smith Found Not Guilty
Quality of Life Issues at MIT
What's All This About Export Controls?
In It But Not Of It:
Nine Years in the MIT Administration
Nuclear Engineering Department
Changes Its Name
An Update on the Cambridge-MIT Institute
Teaching this spring? You should know . . .
Research Expenditures By Primary Sponsor, 1997-2004
"Please rate the following dimensions of your program" [from the Graduate Student Survey 2004]
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Teaching this spring? You should know . . .

the Faculty regulates examinations and assignments for all subjects.

Check the web at .

Questions: contact Faculty Chair Rafael Bras; x3-2117 or

First and Third Week of the Term

By the end of the first week of classes, you must provide a clear and complete description of:

  • required work, including the number and kinds of assignments;
  • an approximate schedule of tests and due dates for major projects;
  • whether or not there will be a final examination; and
  • grading criteria.

By the end of the third week, you must provide a precise schedule of tests and major assignments.

Tests Outside Scheduled Class Times

  • may begin no earlier than 7:30 p.m., when held in the evening;
  • may not be held on Monday evenings;
  • may not exceed two hours in length; and
  • must be scheduled through the Schedules Office.

No required classes, examinations, exercises, or assignments of any kind may be scheduled after the last regularly scheduled class in a subject, except for final examinations scheduled through the Schedules Office.

No Testing During the Last Week of Classes

Tests after Friday, May 6 must be scheduled in the Finals Period.

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