MIT Faculty Newsletter  
contents Vol. XVII No. 5
May/June 2005

This issue of the Faculty Newsletter features Provost Bob Brown's response to allegations of fraud by Professor Ted Postol, our Teach Talk feature on "Strengthening TA Training," and John Hildebidle on "The Purpose of Poetry."

Mosque in Banda Aceh withstood tsunami
Mission to Banda Aceh:
Excerpts from a Journal

Dr. Ed Seldin recalls his recent mission aboard the USNS "Mercy" aiding victums of the tsunami.
International Students and Scholars: A Legacy for MIT and the U.S.
Alice Gast writes about the influence of MIT on international students, and their influence on the world.
Provost Responds to Professor Postol's Allegations
Robert A. Brown
In articles published in the January/February and March/April 2005 issues of the Faculty Newsletter, Professor Theodore A. Postol described his criticisms . . ..
International Students and Scholars: A Legacy for MIT and the U.S.
Alice P. Gast
The United States presently enjoys a system of higher education that is the envy of the world. This premier position allows us to attract the most talented, most driven . . .
Lorna Gibson New Chair of the Faculty
Newsletter Staff
Professor Lorna J. Gibson will begin a two-year term as Chair of the Faculty on June 15, 2005. Professor Gibson is the Matoula S. Salapatas Professor . . .l
From the Faculty Chair
Back to the Future
Rafael L. Bras
It is the year 2061, and MIT is preparing to celebrate the two-hundredth anniversary of its founding. President Patricia Arroyo, past winner of the National Academy . . .
Academic Expectations
Ernst G. Frankel
Academic institutions are for learning, exploration, research, and discovery. They stand for open, free, and unhindered search of the truth, and disdain . . .
Teach Talk
Strengthening TA Training
Lori Breslow and Cindy Dernay Tervalon
Approximately 900 teaching assistants assistants – some of them undergraduates, but most of them graduate students – teach every year in the 23 departments . . .
Faculty Mentor Program: A Growing Success
DAPER's Varsity Sport Faculty Mentor Program, initiated in January 2005, has already seen remarkable growth since its inception. The goal of the program is to . . .
Advising and Mentoring of Undergraduates
J. Mark Schuster and Hazel Sive
To get the most from their experiences at MIT, students rely on faculty, staff, and peers for guidance on issues ranging from academics to personal development.
Mission to Banda Aceh: Excerpts from a Journal
Edward B. Seldin
Amongst the numerous groups that came to the aid of the people of Banda Aceh after the tsunami of December 26, 2004, was a team consisting of U.S. Navy (USN) . . .
MIT Poetry
Summer Without Summering; Slave Huts, Bonaire
Teresa Cader
Peculiar bird call. Gray-haired man stops / Daily to scan the sycamore. To listen.
Some sort of fungus on the leaves. / Huge squirrel nest in the crook.
The Purpose of Poetry
John Hildebidle
In Alan Lightman's novel Reunion, the protagonist, a sometime poet and avid fan of Emily Dickinson, meets the mysterious aunt of his lover. The aunt rather gruffly . . .
Survey Says: Faculty Approve of Updated Lunch Program
Lydia Snover
About 10 years ago, the Faculty Lunch program was established for faculty, senior research, and instructional staff. The program is intended to provide a collegial . . .
Alumni Attitudes and Involvement
Elizabeth Garvin
This spring has seen an incredible level of involvement from alumni at MIT. Alumni have turned out in record numbers to meet President Hockfield, the Alumni Fund . . .
M.I.T. Numbers
Tenure and Promotion [from the 2004 Faculty Survey]
M.I.T. Numbers
Have you ever considered leaving MIT?
[from the 2004 Faculty Survey]