MIT Faculty Newsletter  
Vol. XVIII No. 4
March/April 2006
Diversification of a University Faculty: Observations on Hiring Women Faculty
in the Schools of Science and Engineering
at MIT
Squeezing Out the Graduate Students
When Disasters Strike!
Faculty Roles in Administration:
A Critical Part of Institute Governance
Why Students Don't Attend Class
Life in the Lowlands
Provost Announces Government Inquiry
Into Lincoln Lab Misconduct Charges
International Students at MIT Post 9/11
A Failure in Communications
Peer Support: Taking Advice from a Friend
Students Need Dental Insurance Plan
International Students at MIT:
Top 10 International Countries Over 10 Years
International Students at MIT:
Top 10 International Countries (2005)
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MIT Poetry

Life in the Lowlands

William Pounds

When corporations fail
              Many drown.

The Party tried with only one
              Run for the people
                     Without success.

Those who do without
              Live on higher ground
                            Eating roots and berries.
We who prefer the good life
              Advocate virtue,

But just in case,
             Stuff old leaks
                         With laws

Knowing the sea waits.

Professor Emeritus William Pounds has been at MIT since 1961. Along the way, he has served as Dean of the Sloan School, on several corporate boards, and as Senior Advisor to the Rockefeller Family. He currently teaches a course on corporate governance.

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