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Vol. XVIII No. 4
March/April 2006
Diversification of a University Faculty: Observations on Hiring Women Faculty
in the Schools of Science and Engineering
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Squeezing Out the Graduate Students
When Disasters Strike!
Faculty Roles in Administration:
A Critical Part of Institute Governance
Why Students Don't Attend Class
Life in the Lowlands
Provost Announces Government Inquiry
Into Lincoln Lab Misconduct Charges
International Students at MIT Post 9/11
A Failure in Communications
Peer Support: Taking Advice from a Friend
Students Need Dental Insurance Plan
International Students at MIT:
Top 10 International Countries Over 10 Years
International Students at MIT:
Top 10 International Countries (2005)
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Students need dental insurance plan

I have just read an article in the January/February issue of the MIT Faculty Newsletter: “An open letter to the MIT faculty” concerning the Medical Care Task Force by Dr. Ed Seldin. I strongly agree with Dr. Seldin that not having a dental insurance plan is a disservice to the MIT student body. I also agree with Dr. Seldin that the dental health of international students deserves more concern.

I was a student from China and I was the president of the Chinese Student and Scholar Association (CSSA) at MIT for the year ‘00-‘01. My very first dental appointment at MIT was made this January, one year after I graduated from MIT and became a postdoc here. During the seven years of my graduate student life at MIT, I did not see a dentist because: 1) I thought I did not need a dental service since I have attractive teeth; 2) I did not have dental insurance and I was afraid that I could not afford a dental visit. I just joined the MIT dental plan as a staff member on January 1, 2006, and I have visited the dental office four times in the past seven weeks, with three other appointments scheduled. I have had my wisdom teeth removed and I am now waiting for teeth cleanings. I hope these appointments will help stop my gingivitis and periodontitis.

I think many Chinese friends of mine have similar experiences and would visit the dental office more often if dental insurance were provided at MIT. Smart people should have healthy teeth! I believe the dream could come true with help from the President's Office.

Youshun Sun

Editor’s Note: A similar version of this letter was sent by Dr. Sun to President Hockfield.

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