MIT Faculty Newsletter  
Vol. XX No. 2
November / December 2007
A Beacon Beyond Our Borders
M.I.T.'s Real Assets
A Call for Nominations
Disagreements and Community Building
Should MIT Increase the Size of the Faculty?
Avoiding a Rush to Judgement:
Implications of the Star Simpson Affair
The purpose of faculty meetings?
Not the Way to Treat Family
The MIT Energy Initiative: One Year Later
Faculty Renewal
Can't Stop Laughing
Making a Mountain Out of a Molehill: Understanding the U.S. News Rankings
Faculty Quality of Life
A White Paper on How MIT Should Think About Institutional International Exchanges
The MIT Office of Admissions:
Choosing the Best Candidates
and Handling Them With Care
A Meeting with Disaster: Planning for Emergencies and Extended Outages
The Pitfalls of Digital Rights Management
Student Global Experiences
(IROP and Survey Results)
Student Global Experiences
(MISTI Participation)
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Faculty Quality of Life


In 2004, 10% of MIT faculty reported spending 80 or more hours per week doing MIT-related work, and 13% reported sleeping, on average, 5 hours or fewer per night. This January, faculty will be invited once again to participate in an online survey regarding quality of life issues. Topics queried will include workload and stress, satisfaction with resources and services, department atmosphere, the tenure and promotion process, and life outside the Institute.

Many of the survey questions are also being asked at peer schools, allowing for comparative analysis. MIT administered a similar survey to faculty in 2004 (results available online at The results of that survey directly contributed to policy changes in faculty housing, professional support, and personal and family support.

In 2004, 73% of faculty responded to the survey. The hope is to improve on that rate. Provided there are a sufficient number of responses, individual department reports will be provided by the Office of the Provost/Institutional Research.

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