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Vol. XXIII No. 5
May / June 2011
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An MIT Housing Dream Finally Comes True
Can Nuclear Disarmament Become a Reaility?
Faculty Governance @ MIT:
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Thanks to the 150th Staff
Technology Enabled Transformation
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Interim Report on the HASS First-Year Focus Pilot Program, to be Renamed the HASS Exploration Program
Sam Allen New Chair of the Faculty
Preventing Utter Devastation in Tornado/Hurricane Prone Areas
MIT Subject Evaluations Now Online
MIT Class of 2015: Incoming Freshmen Stats
Center for Work, Family & Personal Life Changes Name
Sponsored Research Expenditures
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Thanks to the 150th Staff


On behalf of the MIT faculty we want to thank the many staff, faculty, and students who worked tirelessly to organize and manage this year’s 150th Anniversary events. By all accounts, the celebrations – the many symposia, convocation at the convention center, open house, FAST events, and more – have been great successes and fitting displays of MIT’s creativity and contributions to the world.

We deeply appreciate how much behind-the-scenes work has gone into this effort. Special thanks are due to the 150th Steering Committee co-chairs David Mindell and Gayle Gallagher, and to the staff they assembled. MIT is fortunate to have so many talented people who go beyond their normal “day job” duties to take on challenges like this and to produce results that far exceed anyone’s initial expectations. Congratulations and thanks to all for jobs well done!

The Faculty Officers
(Samuel Allen, Thomas Kochan, June Matthews, and Albert Meyer)

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