MIT Faculty Newsletter  
Vol. XXVII No. 2
November / December 2014
Issues in Considering the Future
of MIT Education
Four New Members Elected to
FNL Editorial Board
The Future of MIT Education
Preventing and Addressing Sexual Misconduct at MIT: A Faculty Primer
Reflecting on "All Doors Open"
Are We Moving Toward a Two-Class
Research-Education Society at MIT?
8.02 TEAL+x: Students Say "Yes"
to MITx in 8.02 TEAL
Addressing Student Mental Health Issues
at MIT
Advising Undergraduates or Teaching a
CI-H/HW Subject? New Enrollment Tools Can Help
Transforming Student Information Systems
The A2 Problem Set in
Undergraduate Education
Work-Life Center Announces Senior Planning Benefit and Seminar Series
The Alumni Class Funds Seek Proposals for Teaching and Education Enhancement
Being "Nice" at MIT
from the 2014 survey "Community Attitudes on Sexual Assault"
from the 2014 survey "Community Attitudes on Sexual Assault"
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Four New Members Elected to FNL Editorial Board

Professors Manduhai Buyandelger (Anthropology), Christopher Cummins (Chemistry), Woodie Flowers (Mechanical Engineering), and Nasser Rabbat (Architecture) were elected new Editorial Board members of the MIT Faculty Newsletter during the Institute-wide elections held during the first week of November. Professor Jonathan King (Biology) was re-elected to the Board.

All MIT faculty members were sent electronic ballots, and the voting took place over a seven-day period. Congratulations to all our new Board members!

In addition, special thanks goes to the MIT Office of Institutional Research. Their help in providing the technological know-how was essential for us being able to conduct the seamless, state-of-the-art, Institute-wide election.

We also thank Institutional Research for providing or assisting with virtually all of our M.I.T. Numbers and other graphs and charts each issue. Our new color-blind readable material is a direct result of their input.