MIT Faculty Newsletter  
Vol. XXIX No. 2
November / December 2016
A Message From MIT Faculty
Affirming Our Shared Values
Resisting Anti-Science Stances
of the New Administration
Can A University Become Carbon Neutral?
On Gracious Professionalism
Skoltech – A Personal and
Professional Journey
Evolution of Schools, Departments,
and Centers at MIT
Susan L. Lindquist
George Rathjens
An Institute-Wide Festival of Learning
Do you have unreleased software projects you’d like to clean up and release as open source, but don’t have time?
Spread the Joy of Giving
This Holiday Season
The Alumni Class Funds Seek Proposals for
Teaching and Education Enhancements
¡¡¡Retired Faculty Alert!!!
Improving Institute Faculty Meetings
On Gender Differences in Submitting Admissions Maker Portfolios
Access MIT and Transit Commuter Benefits
Keep Up the Good Work
Campus Research Expenditures FY 1997–2016
MIT Research Expenditures FY 1940–2015
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Keep Up the Good Work


To The Faculty Newsletter:

Thank you for your continuing excellent work and service.

I just finished reading a few articles in the most recent September/October 2016 issue and I just simply wanted to share some personal feelings that your newsletter has generated. I felt truly inspired to do even more not just for MIT but for the entire world while reading your “Global MIT” article. I felt informed and made aware of important issues about life and work at MIT reading the Faculty Quality of Life survey article. And good or useful feelings like that are reoccurring every time I read articles from your newsletter. It has been my number one regular reading for the past many years. And having experienced many good things going away just because people are more inclined to complain about bad things and never take the time to confirm support for things that do work: let me take a positive action and not write because of a complaint . . . but rather just to say thanks again for making us all feel part of a community.

Luca Daniel
Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

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